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With its four 9×10’ framed openings, this 18x41x10’ side entry garage is great for storing and protecting multiple vehicles, large equipment, and other oversized items. With its 14-gauge steel framing and vertical roof style, this metal garage is built to handle the weather in just about any location, including areas with high winds and heavy precipitation. The horizontal paneling gives this steel garage a look that is more consistent with the siding of your home. Need more protection? Customize the garage with roll-up garage doors.

what our customers say

Carport Central did a great job on communication, however, Carolina carport did not. They all of a sudden didn’t service my area, and with no call. I had to call them and no help.
Contacted Carport Central, and right away they got ahold of Tri-State.
The scheduler for Tri-State got in contact with me the next day…Fantastic!
The day of the installation, which was scheduled for 2:30 and would call, no one showed up. I called the Tri-State scheduler, she, in turn, called the installers and told me they were just finishing up and was only 12 minutes away.
One hour later, no call/show.
When I had a chance to call, Tri-state was closed. Now it was a waiting game.
5:35 the crew showed up… no call just showed up. Three hours later, and no phone call?
The crew was able to complete the task in less that one hour.
I was satisfied with the work, just not the communication.



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