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Having the right type of metal carport roof to protect your valuable automobile or farming equipment, can really make a difference to both you and the shelf life of your vehicle and machinery. A steel carport is a long term investment that should last you for years to come, so the right shape and price is important to note before making your choice. Metal carport roofs come in different styles and designs that…

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Here are my top ten tips for keeping your metal garage or carport looking good and lasting long so that your investment is maximized and you are the envy of your neighbors. Redo the floor coating every few years. The floor of a carport and garage is exposed to heavy traffic and sometimes unwanted spills. Tyre marks build up over time leaving the unit looking a little shabby. Cleaning the floor with a…


How does terrain affect my metal building?

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The terrain in which you place your custom metal building has a substantial impact on the design requirements of the building. The stresses that it will be exposed to need to be quantified so that it can be designed and installed in a safe manner and is strong enough to withstand these stresses. Standard calculations can be done to calculate the wind load that a building will experience. Wind can put stress on…


Rent-to-Own Program for Metal Buildings – Own it Now

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20x26 Metal Garage

Rent-to-own is a fantastic opportunity to get a metal carport, garage or storage unit without having to fund the full cost of the unit upfront. Some people are already renting an offsite storage facility and for the same basic cost you can put your money into something that will ultimately become yours rather than spending your monthly rental to improve someone else’s financial position. What do I need? Most rent-to-own schemes require some…

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Many people start out with a single, double, or triple metal carport to keep their vehicles and other valued outdoor equipment sheltered from the elements. But as time goes by and households and businesses get larger, carport owners look to build additional structures for added storage, recreational space, or much needed workspace. But if you own a steel carport, you don’t have to go through the hassle and additional expense of having yet…

Pre built Metal Carport

Many people associate the need for a metal carport with areas of the country that get hammered with heavy rains, hail, sleet, or snowfall. But did you know that over time, prolonged exposure to sunlight and excessive heat can cause damage to the interior and exterior of your vehicle? Direct sunlight for long periods of time can fade your vehicle’s exterior paint and bumpers, and it can cause plastic components to warp. On…


Which to Choose: An Aluminum or Steel Carport?

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Metal for Carport

If you are in the market for a quality metal carport, you already know there are a wide range of metal carports for sale with a variety of customization options to choose from. There are also different materials used by carport manufacturers. One common question potential carport buyers ask is “Which is a better option for me: an aluminum or a steel carport?” This is a great question, and the answer will depend…

Steel Utility Carport

Looking for a metal building that will shelter your vehicle, offer easy access, AND provide storage for outdoor tools or other items? Well, now you can have it all with a steel utility carport. Utility carports break the traditional carport mold by providing a small storage area on one side or end of the carport so you can securely stash your lawn tractor, outdoor maintenance supplies, or even a motorcycle for all of…


How to build the perfect metal carport to fit your needs

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Metal Carports

Are you looking for an attractive structure to shelter one, two, or even three vehicles? Metal carports are the perfect solution to protect ATVs, cars, trucks, tractors, or anything in between. And unlike carports of the past, modern technology allows metal carport manufacturers to produce high-quality, hassle-free materials and a wide variety of options that are aesthetically pleasing and offer superior protection from the elements.       What to Consider When Purchasing…


Will a metal carport help or hurt the value of my home?

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Metal Carport Structure

Will a Metal Carport Help or Hurt the Value of My Home? When deciding whether or not to add a carport, many property owners ask, “Will this help or hurt my property value?” It is true that poorly constructed carports, temporary carports, or those in disrepair can certainly be an eye sore that will not boost the value of your property. However, well-constructed, quality custom metal carports can be a great selling feature,…