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Metal Building Insulation

The main reason for insulating a metal storage building or metal sheds, is to reduce the transfer of radiant heat. A lot of energy can be wasted in metal buildings, and good insulation ensures that the carport or any other metal storage building remains warm in winters and cooler in the summers. It also helps to minimize noise filtering from a metal building. Further, if you reside in an area with high humidity,…

Lift for Custom Metal Building

Are you considering having a large steel building erected for your farm or business? Great idea! High-quality steel barns, workshops, garages, and other custom buildings offer an economical, durable, and flexible option for your business, farm, or private property. But did you know that many metal building manufacturers require a lift for large steel building installation? Reasons a Crane or Lift Rental May Be Necessary for My Steel Building Installation Why might a…

Keep your Building Cool

Well, it’s official. Spring is here and temperatures are on the upswing. Whether you have a steel barn to shelter your animals or a steel carport or garage to shelter valuable belongings, you may be wondering: How can I keep my metal building cool when the weather heats up? Great question! Keeping a consistent temperature is important to protect your belongings, your livestock, and even yourself from the negative effects of excessive heat.…


Customers often wonder about the best type of anchor for their new custom metal building. Selecting the right anchor will help your prefab carport, garage, or other structure stay securely affixed to the ground when faced with periods of high wind and strong storms. Failing to use the proper anchors can compromise the strength and stability of even the best steel buildings. At Carport Central, we are committed to helping you choose the…

Professional Installation vs DIYers

When purchasing a custom metal building, many people opt to have a professional team of installers to their home or place of business to erect the structure, while others choose to save money by performing their own steel building installation. Since both can be great options, it’s important to understand which one is best for you. Here are some pros and cons to consider for each: Pros / Cons of Steel Building Self-Installation…


There is no denying that steel buildings are incredibly durable and low maintenance, especially when compared to buildings made with other materials. But even the highest quality metal sheds, garages, workshops, and other custom metal buildings should undergo routine maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. Here are some suggestions for keeping your steel building looking new and performing at its peak for years to come: Perform routine checks Check your metal building at…

Building permits for carports

So you’ve chosen the perfect metal carport, barn, workshop, or other metal building for your property. Now what? Whether you have purchased a do-it-yourself metal carport kit or are having a custom building, such as a metal garage, installed by a professional team, it is important to do the proper research beforehand so that you don’t run into zoning headaches with your new structure.   Steps to take before installing your metal building…

steel building structure

So you’ve chosen a quality metal carport and picked out the perfect spot for it. What now? Whether you have purchased a metal carport kit or are planning on having it professionally installed, it’s important to level your site before the first pole is placed.     Why leveling your site is important If your carport site is more than four inches or so out of level, you could be asking for trouble.…


Ordering your custom metal carport or steel building is an exciting step, but you also need to think about how to prepare the space for installation. After purchasing the carport, make sure you take some steps to prepare your site so the installation team can properly install your new custom metal carport or metal building. Preparing the site is only one step, be sure to check your area to see if you need…


Anchors: Different styles and when to use them

By Carport Charlie   |   Posted In: Installation

Carport buyers often wonder how these sturdy structures will stay attached to the ground during high winds or storms. If a carport or other metal building is not anchored soundly to the ground, the strength and stability of the custom metal building are at risk. Rather than risk having your brand new custom metal carport or metal building fall over in high winds, anchor it with the appropriate anchors for your foundation. Carport…


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