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Will a metal carport help or hurt the value of my home?

By Carport Charlie   |   Posted In: Carports

Metal Carport Structure

Will a Metal Carport Help or Hurt the Value of My Home?

When deciding whether or not to add a carport, many property owners ask, “Will this help or hurt my property value?” It is true that poorly constructed carports, temporary carports, or those in disrepair can certainly be an eye sore that will not boost the value of your property. However, well-constructed, quality custom metal carports can be a great selling feature, a shelter for a variety of purposes, and can even save you money on home insurance given their added level of protection for vehicles from damaging hail and flying debris caused by high winds.


6 Tips to Getting the Most Value from Metal Carports

So how do you choose a carport that adds value to your property? There are many factors to consider when looking at prefabricated carport designs. Here are some tips to help you get the most value out of your carport:

  1. Choose a high-quality steel carport.

Most carports manufactured today are either aluminum or steel. For the strongest, most weather-resistant material, you will want to consider steel carports. Different manufacturers offer varying degrees of steel “gauge,” or thickness. The lower the gauge, the thicker the steel, making the carport more resistant to dings. It is especially important to go with a lower gauge, like 12-gauge steel, for your carport if you live in an area with heavy snowfall, hail, or other severe weather.  With today’s galvanization process, materials are rust prohibitive, but if you do encounter rust spots years down the road, they can easily be painted.

  1. Consider placing the carport next to the house, garage, or barn.

 Free-standing metal carports are great for shielding vehicles and other items from the hot sun, hail, and other inclement weather, butplacing your carport next to a structure opens up a variety of additional selling points. First, it allows your metal carport to be a shelter as you enter and exit your vehicle. Second, the carport can be converted into a patio shade or enclosure, outdoor entertaining area, or sheltered workspace. Third, a pre-engineered metal carport can easily be converted into a metal garage down the road if you opt for the additional security of a fully enclosed space.

  1. Pick a color that complements your home.

 Metal carports for sale today offer a wide variety of custom colors for the roof, trim, gables, and side panels, making it easy to find the perfect colors to incorporate into your current color scheme.

  1. Go with a concrete slab base.

Create a solid foundation for your new carport by choosing a concrete base. Not only does it have a more “finished” look, it provides enhanced usability.

  1. Choose your metal carport style carefully for a seamless look.

Most carport manufacturers give you a wide variety of carport styles to choose from, including roof style, carport type, color, entry points, partially or fully enclosed sides, exact width/height, and much more. Check out our metal carports buying guide to find out all of the custom options that are available for your metal carport. Check out various neighborhoods around you to get a sense of what carport styles work well with the homes in your area.

  1. Add eco-friendly features to your steel carport plans.Metal Garages

Save money and appeal to earth-conscious prospective buyers in the future by adding solar panels to the roof of your carport. Are you in an area with a persistent water shortage like parts of California? How about adding gutters to your metal carport to channel water into a rain barrel or other container to water your plants or garden?

Today’s metal carports are light years away from what they used to be! Carport Central, a leading provider of quality steel carports in the United States, offers an amazing selection of styles and customization options available for your new carport. If you are looking to save a little extra cash, you can purchase our metal carport kits for a discount providing that you pick up and install the structure yourself.

Having trouble choosing the best carport for your property? No problem. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are ready to help you find the perfect prefab carport or custom metal building to fit your needs. Give us a call at (844) 860-4950 with any questions or to find the ideal structure for your needs and budget.


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