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Installation checklist – preparing your site for installation

By Carport Charlie   |   Posted In: Installation


Ordering your custom metal carport or steel building is an exciting step, but you also need to think about how to prepare the space for installation. After purchasing the carport, make sure you take some steps to prepare your site so the installation team can properly install your new custom metal carport or metal building.

Preparing the site is only one step, be sure to check your area to see if you need any special building permits. Some jurisdictions have websites you can visit for all the necessary paperwork needed before installing your custom metal building or carport. If you are installing a custom metal building and will need electricity or water for your needs, make sure you have a local electrician or plumber visit the site before the installation. Generally it is best to install any electrical lines or pipes before pouring the foundation.

When you ordered your new custom building, did you decide if it was going to be installed on a soil foundation or a concrete/asphalt foundation? Take a look below to learn of the different steps that you will need to take before installing on any surface.

custom metal carport Installation

Soil Base

If you plan to install your new custom carport on a soil foundation you will need to take the following steps:

1. Remove all vegetation from the area. This includes grass or small plants that may be in the area. You don’t want any vegetation making the ground weaker when trying to install the anchors to the soil.

2. Level the area, this can be done by packing down dirt or driving over the area to get the area as compact as possible.

3. Keep it clear. Keep the area free of debris for the installation team to install your new carport.

Our installation teams can install a custom carport or metal structure on soil and anchor it with mobile home anchors, but you need to have the space clear for them to get to the area. Once the team has installed the carport, we recommend covering the area with gravel or small rocks to keep the wear and tear of the soil to a minimum.

If you don’t have a level site and don’t plan to certify your building, it’s ok. Our installation team can cut the leg length to match your installation surface when they arrive. Make sure that you purchase the tallest side leg height when you order from Carport so we will be able to adjust the height on site. Talk to your Carport Central customer service representative for further details.

custom carport on a soil base

Concrete Base

If you plan to install your custom carport or custom metal building on a concrete foundation, you need to take the following steps:

1. Remove all vegetation from the area

2. Level the area and set the boundaries for the concrete slab, the slab will need to be poured true to the width and 1’ shorter lengthwise of the custom metal building that you will have installed. For the state of Florida, the slab will need to be poured ¾” wider than the width all around with 1/8″ grade so water doesn’t go back towards the building.

3. Pour the concrete, insuring that the site is level if you plan to certify your custom metal building or carport. You will also need to allow for a slope from back to front of 1/8”, this will allow water to follow the slope of the concrete slab and roll out rather than collect under the custom structure.

4. Concrete will need to set for at least 72 hours, so make sure you prepare the installation site ahead of time so the concrete has the proper time to cure.

When you pour your concrete slab, you will also want to check how thick it will be. Any slab thicker than 4” will need special concrete anchors. Check out our article about anchors to learn more about the different styles of anchors and when you should use them.

Wooden Dock

If the structure will be installed on a wooden non floating dock or deck, please let Carport Central know when you place your order. Carport Central will provide information to our installation team and they will have the necessary tools to install the custom metal carport on a dock or other structure. Many of our customers use the carports as a way to protect boats or other water sport vehicles from the sun and rain. Here is how you prepare:

1. Clear the area

2. Will the installation team be able to pull the delivery truck within 50 feet of the dock? If not you may be charged an additional fee for the extra distance

3. Is the dock sturdy enough for our installation team to drill into the dock?

Protecting boats and water sport crafts is important as the sun can do some pretty rough damage. Contact our customer service representatives to learn how we can help get you the perfect custom metal cover for your dock.

Walls and other structures

If the structure to be installed over top of an irremovable structure there will be additional labor fees determined by structures length. Be sure when you order your custom carport that you order the tallest leg height necessary, as the shorter legs can be cut on site.

Structures can be installed on a wall up to 3’, so take a look at the steps needed to prepare the site:

1. Clear all vegetation from the area

2. As you don’t need to level the site, make sure that the ground is firm enough for installation using mobile home anchors and the wall is sturdy enough for our installation team to drill to anchor the structure

3. Will the installation team be able to park within 50 feet of the installation site?

We also recommend using gravel or other small stones as a finishing touch when installing carports directly to soil.

Properly preparing installation sites for custom carports and custom metal buildings is crucial to a smooth installation. If you have any additional questions, or want to know what the installation process looks like, check out the installation page on Carport Central. We also have a blog post on anchors that will help explain why we use different anchors for different foundations.

Let us find the right carport or custom metal building for you! Carport Central customer service representatives would be happy to answer any additional questions about installation and site preparation. Give us a call today at (980) 321-9898 to find the perfect carport for the right price.


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