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metal garage

Here are my top ten tips for keeping your metal garage or carport looking good and lasting long so that your investment is maximized and you are the envy of your neighbors. Redo the floor coating every few years. The floor of a carport and garage is exposed to heavy traffic and sometimes unwanted spills. Tyre marks build up over time leaving the unit looking a little shabby. Cleaning the floor with a…


How does terrain affect my metal building?

By Carport Charlie   |   Posted In: Carports
18x31x10 Custom carport3

The terrain in which you place your custom metal building has a substantial impact on the design requirements of the building. The stresses that it will be exposed to need to be quantified so that it can be designed and installed in a safe manner and is strong enough to withstand these stresses. Standard calculations can be done to calculate the wind load that a building will experience. Wind can put stress on…


Here is why Steel barns buildings are best for farmers to protect livestock and agriculture produce. Many ranchers and farmers across the US are moving to steel buildings for housing of livestock and protection of farm equipment. Wooden structures are prone to rot, especially the posts below the surface of the ground. They are affected by mold, are susceptible to fire and are not as easy to secure. Steel buildings solve all of…


Have you had an experience with a metal building supplier that has left you feeling let down or angry? Have you had expectations for your carport that were not met? Were promises made about your custom steel building that were not kept? Or perhaps you have the opposite experience. Your carport or metal building exceeded all your expectations and your supplier has over delivered on all their promises. There are actually 2 primary…

20x26 Metal Garage

Rent-to-own is a fantastic opportunity to get a metal carport, garage or storage unit without having to fund the full cost of the unit upfront. Some people are already renting an offsite storage facility and for the same basic cost you can put your money into something that will ultimately become yours rather than spending your monthly rental to improve someone else’s financial position. What do I need? Most rent-to-own schemes require some…


Why farmers need Steel Agricultural Buildings

By Carport Charlie   |   Posted In: Barns
Steel Agricultural Buildings

Many farms are bought with an existing infrastructure of buildings, some of which are in great condition but some of which are in serious need of repair. Most older style agricultural buildings are wooden structures, which are prone to wear and tear over the years. Wooden structures are susceptible to damage and deterioration from numerous sources. The exposure of wood to the natural elements themselves can cause harm over time. Unless a wooden structure…


Customization Options for Workshops

By Carport Charlie   |   Posted In: Workshops
metal workshop

There is nothing more satisfying than building your own workshop and designing it according to your aesthetic sense and practical requirements. Metal workshops are used for different purposes. Garages are one of the most popular usages of metal workshops. They are also used to store agricultural produce, for commercial purposes, personal storage and the like. The main reason which makes metal buildings better choices as workshops is their inherent durability. They go through…


Invest in Steel Building Storage Units

By Carport Charlie   |   Posted In: Workshops
Steel Storage Building

Steel, one of the most used metals worldwide, finds particular preference in the sector of construction. It is chosen for its durability and resistance to corrosion. Storage units of the modern times display a great utility of steel, speaking of the many benefits which one reaps out of using it. These buildings earlier used to be damp, musty, filled with cobwebs and infested with insects. The very thought of a steel storage unit…


Give Your Metal Building Some Pizzazz

By Carport Charlie   |   Posted In: Custom Buildings
Creative Uses of Steel Building

Steel buildings are used mostly for storage, as barns, as carports and the like. However, the common concept that a metal building looks ugly or plain boring can be proven wrong without much effort. All it takes is some imagination – in fact your metal building can be refurbished, decorated and altered a bit to make it a home too. Here are some ideas to beautify your steel buildings and make them look…

Green Metal Building

With urban areas expanding and taking over the little leftover greenery in this world, more and more need is being felt to compensate. May be that’s the reason behind the rise in the number of people interested in gardening. A green house is an expansion of such a need or desire. It lets you grow and take care of plants of varied nature in a vast scale and in a professional manner. It…



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