10 Tips for Clearing Your Car of The White Stuff – The Wonders of Snow…Removal

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Quick ways to clear the snow

We’re into that time of year when we’re going to have to deal with the white stuff. Gone are the days when we were just blissful children who saw the arrival of snow as a magical time for fort building, snowball fights, and days off of school.

I mean, I still like to play in the snow as much as a kid, but now when it snows the first thing that usually pops into my adult mind is, “Great, now I get to dig the car out of the driveway!” It’s a magical experience for grown-ups that involves sensations of cold feet, frozen hands, and a looming sense of doom and dread … yay snow!

Can you relate? What do YOU think of when you look out the window and see a “magical” blanket of snow covering your car or truck? Do you think of excuses to go back to bed and just wait it out until the spring thaw? Unfortunately, we don’t have that luxury. We’re not hibernating bears that can just roll over in our little ice caves … we’ve got stuff to do! To that end, here’s a list of 10 handy tips for clearing the snow from your vehicles and stuff:

1. Use a Shovel

I’m guessing you’re familiar with this option, the trusty snow shovel. Or a plain, old garden shovel, if that’s all you’ve got. I know, just thinking about it causes phantom pain and spasms to shoot up and down your back. Well, suck it up, buttercup! Just buckle down and head out into that winter wonderland and get to scooping. Remember to lift with your knees, not your back. Also keep an eye out for your neighbors who are older; why not give them a hand, since you’re out there anyway? When using a shovel to unbury your vehicle, be careful not to dig too deep; you obviously want to avoid dinging the car or the paint. Go gently, and use the shovel to scoop more than scrape.

2. Snow Blower Heaven

If you live in the South, a snow blower is probably a tool you’ve never owned, much less seen in person. If you live in the North, your snow blower is quite possibly the best tool you’ve ever purchased! You can make quick work of the driveway and walkways with one of these bad boys. If you happen to own a snow blower, you’re probably also the most popular neighbor on the cul-de-sac come “snow time.” But hey, getting on your neighbors’ good list isn’t a bad thing, either. You still may have to unbury your own car at some point, but at least this option saves your back from doing most of the heavy lifting! Plus, it’s kinda fun to send snow flying at high rates of velocity.

3. Not Just For Leaves Anymore

Speaking of portable wind-generators … have you considered your leaf blower? Think outside the box! There’s no law that says it can only be used for one purpose. If it has enough power to clear your yard of leaves, then it just MAY have enough power to blow snow off your cars and driveway! As long as it’s not a wet, heavy snow, you should be able to move some flakes with your leaf blower!

4. Where’s Your Broom?

If you own neither a snow blower nor a leaf blower, chances are very good that you do own a broom. If the snow is still fresh and isn’t too wet, it just may be light and powdery enough for you to get your broom on! Simply whisk away the layer of snow on your truck or car, and then you can do a little dance while sweeping off the driveway. Not only is this quicker and easier than pushing a heavy shovel, it also still counts as your daily workout! Just make sure that you don’t try and get too fancy with your sweeping dance moves … ain’t nobody got time for an ER visit on a snow day!

5. Lay it Down and Wrap it Up – Tarps to the Rescue

In modern society, winter weather is one thing that rarely takes us by surprise anymore – your local weather team has probably been talking about the impending chance of snow for days, and your phone is probably blowing up with weather alerts. Since you have fair warning before the snow arrives, pull out some tarps and cover your stuff! You can wrap your vehicle, lay tarps on high-traffic walkways, etc. Then just sit back and let it snow! When you need to head out, just remove the tarps as you go, and boom! You now have a clear path to your vehicle, which you can simply unwrap without having to scrape any snow or ice. Just remember to bring your big-boy muscles (and maybe a buddy) if you use this method though, as the accumulated snow can get a bit heavy. Also be careful not to drag the tarp’s metal grommets across your vehicle, to avoid scratching the paint.

6. Now, Where Did Those Kids Go?

It’s always more satisfying to accomplish a task without having to lift a finger, so why not take advantage of an untapped labor pool? Send the kids out to do it! It’s a great way for them to burn off some energy! Don’t have kids around, you say? Find some! Look around the neighborhood for an enterprising young person looking to earn a few bucks. Then, sit back with your cup of cocoa and watch out the window as your car gets cleared without you having to set foot out into the cold nastiness!

7. Hair Dryer?

You heard right, hair dryer. Pull out your dryer and an extension cord, and get to it! That hot air is pretty effective at melting frozen precipitation, and it’ll save your arms from having to work the scraper. Granted, it might take a while to remove ALL the snow and ice from your car … but it works pretty well on windshields, and it will eventually work on the rest of your vehicle too, if your patience and extension cord are long enough. An added bonus is you can turn the hair dryer on yourself every so often if you catch a chill. Win-win!

8. Fight Frozen Water with Hot Water

You know the saying, “fight fire with fire”? Well, why not fight water with water? Snow and ice are nothing more than frozen water. You could try boiling a big pot of water and then just pour it over your vehicle and driveway! No shoveling, no scraping, just some lava-hot water washing away that snow! Admittedly, the down side of this method is that you might end up with a slushy mess, but you’ll be on your way before you need to worry about it refreezing!  Quick-and-easy hot bath for your ride, and then off you go!

9. Snow Ball Stash

Ok, this isn’t really a method for clearing snow so much as a suggestion of what to do with the snow you’re moving. If you have to clear off your vehicle anyway, why not stock up on some fun ammunition? Scoop up some handfuls of snow from the hood and windshield and build an arsenal of snowballs! Hide them in some strategic places outside, and they’ll come in handy when you’re ready to ambush those you love! It’s always good to bring a little fun and laughter to an otherwise dreaded chore, right?

10. And THE Absolute Best Way to Clear Snow from Your Vehicle Is …

… not to EVER have to clear it again! How does one achieve this state of euphoria, you ask? By ordering a custom metal carport or garage from Carport Central, of course! Our steel structures can be built to withstand whatever wind or snow load you may need in your area, and you’ll never have to shovel or scrape again! Why struggle to get out of the driveway every winter when a permanent solution is available?

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