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Need More from Your Metal Carport? Don’t Replace It. Convert It.

By Carport Charlie   |   Posted In: Carports

carport conversion

Many people start out with a single, double, or triple metal carport to keep their vehicles and other valued outdoor equipment sheltered from the elements. But as time goes by and households and businesses get larger, carport owners look to build additional structures for added storage, recreational space, or much needed workspace.

But if you own a steel carport, you don’t have to go through the hassle and additional expense of having yet another building erected on your property. Prefab metal carports and carport kits are easily convertible and expandable so they can meet your needs both now and in the future. Ready to expand? Here are some ideas to help you add value to your property and convert your carport into something to accommodate your changing needs.

Carport Expansion or Utility Carport Conversion.

Looking for added space to house additional vehicles? Expand the dimensions of your current carport to accommodate two or three vehicles. If you would like to store additional items, or if you need a more secure storage option, consider going with a utility carport by having a shed added to the back of your carport for a safe, convenient way to stash outdoor gear.

Carport to Metal Garage Conversion.

Need additional protection from the elements or added security for your cars, ATVs, or other equipment? Add value to your metal carport by enclosing the sides and customizing your metal building with windows, a walk-in door, and a garage door.

Carport to Metal Workshop Conversion.

If you are in need of dedicated workspace, consider converting your prefab carport to a metal workshop building by enclosing the carport on all sides. You can outfit your workshop with insulation for comfort, a walk-in door for easy access, or a garage door for larger equipment. Or, build out from your current carport to benefit from having both an enclosed steel workshop and a carport that can be used as an open-air work area that still provides shelter from precipitation or a loading/unloading spot to keep your materials dry.

Carport to Metal Barn Conversion.

Would you like to create a sheltered space for your horses or other animals? Consider partially or fully enclosing your carport with windows and a large door to keep your animals, feed, and animal care equipment dry and safe. For a larger space, build out from your carport to create both an enclosed shelter and open air lean-to for your animals.

At Carport Central, we can convert or modify any metal building that we have installed for our customers to meet their changing needs. Of course, it is easier and more cost effective to initially install a custom metal building that will accommodate future needs, but we understand that it isn’ t always possible. Get in touch with us for ideas on how we can convert your custom metal carport to meet your changing needs.


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