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Give Your Metal Building Some Pizzazz

By Carport Charlie   |   Posted In: Custom Buildings

Creative Uses of Steel Building

Steel buildings are used mostly for storage, as barns, as carports and the like. However, the common concept that a metal building looks ugly or plain boring can be proven wrong without much effort. All it takes is some imagination – in fact your metal building can be refurbished, decorated and altered a bit to make it a home too. Here are some ideas to beautify your steel buildings and make them look fantastic:

  • Many customers, who make an effort to find out or are finicky about their buildings, go for customised exteriors to steel buildings. You can use steel or wood for the end walls and add aluminium or vinyl siding for finishing it off. Customization of this kind does not prevent you from adding doors or windows or even making the building climate controlled. Achieve the essential insulation using the traditional methods before you finish work on the end walls.
  • If you are planning to use your metal building as a home or for any other non-conventional purpose, you could create a shade at the front or on the side. Install an awning or extend the roof cantilevers for the shade. Drape curtains on the pillars and hang plants from hooks. You can place arm chairs and stools for a relaxed appearance. Use tiles or stone flooring in this extended area of the building which would prevent any damage from weather and also add dimension to the otherwise plain appearance of the metal structure. Keep a fan and some interesting lights on the shaded area for setting it up perfectly for evening chats or for enjoying the rain.
  • When transforming a metal building into a home, remember to add more windows and skylights. These brighten up the interiors and make them for appropriate for living in.
  • Irrespective of whether you are going to use the metal building for residential or commercial purposes, paying attention to its walls is important. The interior walls of the building should brighten up every time you enter and turn on the lights. Use metal mesh, which are woven wires, which create a reflection of light and thus brightens up the interiors. Another option with similar effects would be stainless steel tiles. They look extremely chic, modern and sophisticated.
  • Insulating the roof is another important step in increasing the fluidity in rooms of metal buildings. Just keep the floor and wall colours and lighting arrangements in mind when doing this.
  • If you are turning a small metal building or barn into a home then you might be in need of some space saving ideas. Use a mix of wood and tin for the best effects. Make use of old wooden logs for creative racks and counters. You could have a sleeping arrangement on the loft, using wood to build it.
  • It is the exterior of metal buildings which bothers most of us. Keeping a little space for gardening could be a good idea. Create a boundary using a brightly coloured fence or employ your creative skills to paint the fence yourself. Maintain flower plants on the sides of the walkway. Use stones to build a stone walkway which leads up to the building. You could also use landscaping techniques if you have space. Maintaining a single large tree outside would also add a beautiful contrast to the stern metal structure – considering you have that much space.

You can also extend the shade at one side of the building to turn it into a car parking space. All you need to do is think a little deeper.

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