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Four Tips to Keep Your Metal Building Cooler in Hot Weather

By Carport Charlie   |   Posted In: Installation

Keep your Building Cool

Well, it’s official. Spring is here and temperatures are on the upswing. Whether you have a steel barn to shelter your animals or a steel carport or garage to shelter valuable belongings, you may be wondering: How can I keep my metal building cool when the weather heats up?

Great question! Keeping a consistent temperature is important to protect your belongings, your livestock, and even yourself from the negative effects of excessive heat. Whether you already own a steel building or are in the market for a custom steel workshop, barn, garage, or other metal building, these tips will help keep things cool in hot weather.

Tips for Keeping Your Metal Building Cool in Hot Weather

  1. Insulate Your Steel Building

Regulate the temperature inside your metal building by adding insulation. This will not only help block the transfer of heat in the summer, but it will keep more heat in during the colder months. Insulation is especially important if you are housing valuable items, like classic cars, which have components that can crack or become damaged in excessive heat. Be sure that the insulation you choose has an industry standard R-value of at least 4.3. Insulation will also provide a greater level of comfort for you and your animals during the dog days of summer and will prevent condensation, which can cause a chemical response over time.

  1. Use Intelligent Landscaping for Natural Cooling

Enlist Mother Nature to help you keep your custom metal building cool. By strategically planting deciduous shrubs and trees on the sides of the building that get the most intense sun, you can create a good bit of shade in the summer when the leaves are full and an unobstructed path for sunlight to hit your building to keep it warmer in the winter when the leaves fall off.

  1. Equip Your Steel Building for Cross-Ventilation

Steel garages, workshops, barns, and other custom metal buildings can be equipped with multiple doors and windows. If you want to purchase a metal building kit or have a building installed, consider designing it with at least a couple windows on opposite sides of the building to allow for cross-ventilation.  You can also go with an additional door, like a roll-up garage door or walk-in door, for even more air flow. Not only will this improve ventilation—it will also help with air quality in your building. If you currently have steel buildings, they can be modified to accommodate your needs.

  1. Choose a Lighter Roof Color

Think about color choices for your metal roof. Much like wearing a light colored t-shirt in the summer will keep you cooler than a black one, lighter colors on the roof will help reflect heat rather than absorbing the brunt of it as a darker color would. Custom color is applied during the manufacturing process, but, of course, you can apply a different color post-installation.

Hopefully these tips will help increase the comfort level in your metal workshop, barn, or other custom building during those hot summer days. If you are interested in a new custom steel building, Carport Central has just what you need, including a wide variety of metal garages, workshops, barns, sheds, and carports for sale in your area. Contact us today to learn more.



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