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Metal Barns vs. Wooden Barns: Which is the best option for you?

By Carport Charlie   |   Posted In: Barns

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Choosing a Metal barn for your property is an exciting but complex decision, and there are many factors to consider. What is the primary purpose of your barn? How long do you expect to use it? How much time do you have to devote to maintenance? What is your budget? Would you prefer a wooden barn or a metal barn? These are all great questions to ask yourself before making a decision.

Advantages of Metal Barns

When it comes to comparing traditional wood barns vs. metal barns, it is important to note the distinct advantages metal barns have over wood. Here are some of the main “pros” to building a metal barn on your property:


When it comes to how much bang you get for your buck, there is little comparison. Wooden barns are more expensive to build and maintain than metal barns. If you are handy, you can save even more by purchasing metal pole barn kits, metal horse barn kits, or a variety of other metal storage building kits and putting them together yourself.


Metal barn designs are fully customizable depending on your needs and budget. For example, maybe you have big horse barn plans down the road. Metal horse barns can easily, and cost-effectively, grow with your horse family in the future. Wood structures do not offer the same level of flexibility and are more costly to add onto.


Both metal barns and wooden barns are designed to withstand the elements in your local area. However, wooden barns are not as durable as steel barns over the long haul. Harsh weather can cause wood to warp and crack, which will eventually lead to larger problems like leaking and rotting. Metal storage barns are manufactured with galvanized steel to hold up to these elements without compromising the structure or allowing costly leaks to ruin your barn or equipment. Additionally, metal barns are not subject to insect infestations and mold like wood.


As mentioned previously, wooden barns are not weather resistant over time.  They are subject to rotting, mold, warping, cracking, termites and other issues that will require a good deal of maintenance. This could become a major factor if you are considering pole barn designs. When choosing between metal pole barns and wooden ones, consider that the wooden poles buried in the ground will begin to decay and shift as time goes by, which can be both dangerous and expensive. You can also expect to repaint or restain your wooden barn every 5-10 years. This wouldn’t be necessary with a steel barn since the custom color of your choice is applied during the manufacturing process to stand up to the elements.


Keeping your barn clean not only looks nice, but it is also critical for the health of your animals. And if you run a stable

, whether you have a small horse barn or a large equestrian boarding facility, customers will either be attracted to or deterred by the condition of your facility. Metal lends itself to fast, easy clean up using a pressure washer and mild solution. It also dries quickly, so you can get on with your busy day without too much of a wait to put your equipment or animals back in their place. You can use the same method for your wooden barn; however, the dry time is longer, and it is recommended that you seal the interior walls with paint or
another coating to prevent mildew and deterioration.


Whether you are looking at custom horse barns for your horse family or metal barn kits to house expensive farm equipment, safety is a key consideration. Both wood and metal barns are built to withstand severe weather and adequately protect your animals and other valuable items. In addition to that, metal barns offer peace of mind to barn owners due to their low flammability risk. This can prevent a complete loss in the unfortunate event of a barn fire. Chemetal horse barnck with your insurance company before deciding on your barn assome offer discounts for steel barns.

Those are some of the main advantages metal barns have over traditional wooden barns. Hopefully this helps you make an informed decision before your make that all-important purchase. There are many metal barns for sale out there, so be sure that you compare the quality of the materials and the warranties offered by different companies if you decide to go with a metal barn.

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