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A metal carport is a covered, attached or detached structure used to offer protection to vehicles, primarily cars, trucks, boats, and SUVs from rain and snow. The structure can either be free standing or attached to a wall. Unlike most structures, a carport does not have four walls, and usually has one or two. It can also have metal panels running from side to side or a gable to increase the curb appeal of the structure; at the front or at the back.

Carports offer less protection than garages but allow for more ventilation. In particular, a carport prevents frost on the windshield. Like we said, it may not protect your car 100% from frosting and dew, but the top only metal carport structure makes a big case to speed up your way to work by significantly reducing the frost built up on your car’s windshield. Metal garage buildings, on the other hand, protect dew and frost build up to a much larger extent and hence can be assumed as the best available option for preventing dew.

You know how it feels to be waiting in the car and put your air conditioning to defrost or use the heated function of your windshield. Minutes pass by and when you’re running for that all important client meeting, it does become frustrating. How exactly does a carport or a metal garage help in reducing the snow, dew, and frost built up? Read On…

All objects at temperatures above absolute zero emit radiant energy of all wavelengths, an inexorable and incessant process occurring day and night for eternity. Objects do not begin radiating at night. Indeed, since they are usually warmer during the day, they radiate even more then that at night. And although they are no longer warmed by the sun at night, they still are warmed by radiation from their surroundings, including the sky.”

On clear nights, however, an object may emit more radiation than it receives from the sky. This causes more cooling than it would if there is something that diminishes the view of the sky. This means that the amount of dew and frost significantly reduces when your car is not directly under freezing open skies.

On clear freezing nights, the ground is warmer than the sky. This is not always the case but stands true for almost 99% of freezing nights. A good rule of thumb is that the clear sky has a radiative temperature of about 250oK. If we confine our attention to nights with air temperatures near or above freezing, the temperature of the ground will be greater than 250oK. The consequences of unequal radiative temperatures of ground and sky to the formation of dew and frost are evident. Radiative cooling is insufficient to lower the temperature of the sides below the frost point.

Replace the sky with the roof of a carport and you can see that the radiative cooling of the car will be less in the carport than it would be if it had a clear view of the sky, so the car simply does not cool as much under the carport. Better yet, opt for a metal building instead to reduce this problem even further. We offer different sizes of garage doors that will be a good fit for cars and trucks of different sizes. You can also choose to have a frame-out rather than the traditional roll up doors offered. Frame outs offer a customer to buy doors from a garage door contractor where you can find a larger variety of residential style garage doors.

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