COLOR your barn

*Disclaimer - All colors are not available in some areas.

Select Roof Color (Double tap to select the color)
Select Trim Color (Double tap to select the color)
Select Wall Color (Double tap to select the color)

Barn Color Selector

Barn color planning is an important decision, and sometimes a challenging one. Because our custom color is applied during the manufacturing process using high-quality pigment and resins that resist fading, peeling, and cracking, you can expect to enjoy the look of your barn for years to come. Not sure which color combination to choose for your new custom metal barn? Our handy barn color visualizer allows you visualize and select the perfect colors for your new steel barn.

How to Use Our Barn Color Visualizer Tool

Simply follow these steps:

  • Choose the color of your barn roof.
  • Choose the color of your barn trim.
  • Select your barn wall color.
  • Click the PRICE YOUR BUILDING button or jot down the color combination selected for purchase at a later time.

Disclaimer—The building in our barn color planning tool is just a general representation. The actual barn style will be based on your specific order. Because of computer variations, the colors you see on your screen and/or printer may vary slightly from the actual color. To get the most accurate representation of your color selections, please contact us.

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