Steel Buildings Prices – 12′ to 24′ Wide A-Frame Roof

Metal Carport Prices- Online Pricing for Boxed Eave Style Metal Carports

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When it comes to metal carports, the boxed eave or A-Frame roof style is an affordable and practical roof option. The A-frame (boxed eave) roof style uses panels that have corrugated ridges and run horizontally from end to end. This is a more affordable option than the vertical roof style because there is no need for the hat-channel pieces required for vertical roofs. We offer some of the most competitive custom carport prices in the industry. See the list below for a breakdown of our online prices for standard carports that are 12-24’ wide with a base height of 6’ and a base gauge of 14. Prices include 29-gauge roofing, center braces, four corner braces, cement anchors, and rebar (ground) anchors.

If you are in need of a stronger structure, we also offer 12-gauge, 2 ¼” framing with a twenty-year rust-through warranty. Our certified carports and buildings are manufactured to withstand winds of up to 130 miles per hour and 30 pounds-force per square foot (psf). We also have certified buildings of 26-30’ available. Click here to see the full range of options for carport customization.

Metal Carport Pricing Guide

Online carport prices vary based on these divisions: Northern States, Southern States, Florida and Michigan.

Northern division includes – Ohio OH, Pennsylvania PA, Maryland MD, New Jersey NJ, New York NY, Washington DC & Indiana IN

Southern division includes – Alabama AL, Arkansas AR, Georgia GA, Illinois IL, Kansas KS, Kentucky KY, Louisiana LA, Mississippi MS, Missouri MO, North Carolina NC, Oklahoma OK, South Carolina SC, Tennessee TN, Texas TX, Virginia VA and West Virginia WV

Florida and Michigan—Pricing is based on the certifications and specifications required to get the building permits.

Steel Buildings Prices Guide

Standard buildings 12'-24' wide Boxed Eave Roof

Base Height taken - 6' and Base Gauge - 14
Prices Include
  • 29 Gauge Roofing
  • 4 Corner Braces
  • Center Braces
  • Rebar Anchors (ground)
  • Cement Anchors
Products Dimensions Pricing
12 Wide A-Frame Metal Buildings Prices
12W x 21L $995
12W x 26L $1095
12W x 31L $1295
12W x 36L $1495
12W x 41L $1795
18 Wide A-Frame Metal Buildings Prices
18W x 21L $1095
18W x 26L $1195
18W x 31L $1495
18W x 36L $1695
18W x 41L $1995
20 Wide A-Frame Metal Buildings Prices
20W x 21L $1295
20W x 26L $1395
20W x 31L $1695
20W x 36L $1995
20W x 41L $2395
22 Wide A-Frame Metal Buildings Prices
22W x 21L $1395
22W x 26L $1695
22W x 31L $1995
22W x 36L $2295
22W x 41L $2795
24 Wide A-Frame Metal Buildings Prices
24W x 21L $1595
24W x 26L $1995
24W x 31L $2295
24W x 36L $2695
24W x 41L $3195
(Exact price will be on the basis of building requirements and license provisions of your location.)
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Delivery and Installation

Carport Central offers free installation and delivery with our already competitive carport prices online. After you place the order for your custom steel carport, a member of our customer service team will contact you to schedule a convenient delivery and installation date.

Come delivery day, our professional installation crew will arrive equipped with all the tools and equipment necessary to complete the installation of your new metal carport. Carport installation is typically completed in less than a day. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, be sure that you have a level foundation prior to installation. Clear the installation site of any debris or vegetation and be sure that the installers have a clear path to access the building site with their vehicles. This will help avoid any return trips out or additional charges.

Our Warranty

At Carport Central, not only are our metal carports prices unbeatable, but you can also rest assured that you have purchased a quality product that will perform well for decades to come. All of our custom steel carports come with a one-year workmanship warranty, a ten-year panel warranty for cracking and chipping, and a twenty-year rust-through warranty.

Visualize Your Custom Metal Carport with Our Handy Color Planning Tool

Check out our interactive Color Selector tool. Using this feature, you can easily view different color combinations for your new metal carport. Select the roof, trim, and wall colors (for partially or fully enclosed carports) from the tool below. When you find something you like, save your selection or jot down your preferred color selection for ordering.

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