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Ever driven by a neighbor’s and felt a twinge of envy as they had that graduation party outside using their metal building and think that you could never afford such a structure, or that the process to get one had to be complex? This couldn’t be further from the truth. Carport Central is the leading provider of top-quality carports and metal buildings of any kind at the best affordable prices throughout the country.

Metal or steel buildings are a great option when it comes to adding enjoyment, function, and value to your property. One metal structure can have many uses from workshops and storage to areas to hold family gatherings. With the superior service and wide range of metal building customization available there is no limit of possibilities. Carport Central isn’t just about carports. Here you can find the solution to all your prefabricated metal building needs. We work with some of the best custom steel buildings manufacturers in the industry to offer you the highest quality, American-made metal buildings at unbeatable factory direct prices.


Prices of Metal Buildings

The Perfect Metal Building with A Personalized Design at The Unbeatable Prices

We believe that customization is paramount to helping you achieve all your metal building needs. The metal buildings prices depend upon the components customization and additional accessories that you would like to add in your prefabricated building per your needs and applications. Below are the different elements that impact the metal buildings prices –

Metal Building Sizes:

Metal buildings can be built in varying lengths, widths and heights. Starting at the industry standard of 21’ long, they can go up to any length you want. The width begins at 12’ and can go up to 60’with the proper supports. The height of your metal building can be anywhere from 8-20’.

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Metal Building Roof Styles:

Regular Roof Buildings This is the most economical roof style for metal buildings which keep the sun away from your gathering or stored items. The regular roof is made of corrugated ridges that will help to keep light rain from soaking the area.

A-Frame Style (Boxed Eave Roof) It is the second popular option which is relatively economical than vertical roof style of metal buildings. It has a different frame structure than regular roofs.

Vertical Roof Buildings This roof is most recommended for any building longer than 36’ and is sturdy enough so that heavy snow or rain will not cause concern. It has corrugated ridges running from top to down, with vertical panels.

Steel Framing in Metal Buildings

Choose from 12-gauge or 14-gauge for the framing of your metal building. There is a 20-year rust free warranty on all 12-gauge framing.

Certified Metal Buildings and Non-Certified Metal Buildings

High Snow load, Heavy winds, and building permit are the reasons that elect if you should go for a Certified Metal Building or Non-Certified Metal Building for yourself. A Certified Metal Building is engineered to meet specific regional requirements of snow load, winds and building permit since it needs more structural integrity than a non-certified building. You should check with the legal authorities of your area before buying any metal building especially in the Northern region and Florida.

Talk to our Building experts to know about the certification of a metal building in your area at 980-321-9898

Metal Building Customization

Doors, Windows, and More

There are still more areas that you can customize for your dream metal building and which have a contribution how much your metal building will cost. Do you want there to be walk-in doors? Windows? Roll up doors? Whether your steel building is for storage or a workshop, who wouldn’t want that added natural light that windows can bring. Add one or a whole wall of them. That is the best part of being able to customize a metal building. Including a roll up door can add convenience and security at once. Drive your vehicle in and lock it up keeping it safe year round! All of this is possible. You can even choose open, gabled, or closed and paneled walls. As you see we have the best products available to you to create the perfect space.  This is important so that your metal building will fit the look of your property.

Metal Buildings Colors

To add the final touch, we offer 15 different colors of metal buildings that you can mix and match. Color may be applied to the roof, trim, walls and garage doors. Adding color does not add to the price of your metal building.

Contact us today to learn more about what colors are available.

Metal Buildings Benefits

They can stand up to flood waters better than wooden buildings. Wood buildings are prone to mold and rot when they get wet from flood waters. Also, the wood can warp which can ruin the surface of your building. Metal buildings are resistant to all of these problems. Often after a flood, you can see metal buildings standing where wooden buildings have not survived the force of the water.

Best Metal Buildings

Carport Central – No Unwanted Surprises, Just What We Promise!!

Carport Central team would be ready to help you with any inspection and certification that your area may require. Just let us know and we will provide the building plans.  If anchors are required, we have those available as well.

Our Metal buildings prices are much more affordable than people think. Starting at just $795, what could be more economical? We deliver and install free of charge across the United States. There are several metal building payment options that you can choose from, at Carport Central. There are flexible financing option, you can purchase outright or use our rent-to-own metal building program. Carport Central offers an awesome rent-to-own program. With the rent-to-own option, you will have 36 months in which to pay off your metal building price. You may pay it off at any time as well. Your prefabricated metal building price will depend on customization choices, regional certification and gauge requirements so be sure to call us today for more information.

With the best product catalog in the industry, Carport Central offers a simple ordering process. We will walk with you step by step through selecting, customizing and purchasing your new metal building.

Buying a Metal Building?

Unlike expensive wooden structures, which deteriorate over time and require frequent upkeep, our 12- and 14-gauge galvanized steel buildings are manufactured to withstand the elements in any part of the United States over the long term. You can enjoy a better return on investment with our inexpensive and virtually maintenance-free metal sheds, carports, garages, barns, and other custom buildings, which are all backed by strong workmanship and manufacturer warranties.

As you can see there are many benefits to metal buildings. Surprisingly affordable, there is really no reason to hold off on your dreams of more storage, entertaining space, or that perfect workshop. With awesome payment options, years of experience and a team that is dedicated to making the order process as easy as possible you can see why Carport Central is the leading provider of prefab carports and metal buildings. Don’t let envy cloud your thoughts any longer, call today to get a dream custom metal building of your own today!

You can reach Carport Central at 980-321-9898 and talk to one of our representatives. Get all your questions answered or better yet, start your order today with the best team in the industry!

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