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Metal garage

  Mr. Tom Lee in TN couldn’t be happier with his new metal garage and couldn’t say enough good things about the entire process from start to finish. Below are a few photos he shared with us, and he also gave us a great review on the BBB.      

Why-It's-Necessary-to-Choose-Your-Metal-Building-Foundation-According-to-Climate-Conditions (1)

What is a Metal Building Foundation? Metal buildings are some of the most convenient structures on the market; they are strong, durable, and last for years. It's no wonder that they're in such high demand. But do you know what makes or breaks any metal building? It's the foundation. Like all good things, a strong foundation is necessary for creating a high-quality product. Remember the adage, 'a house built on sand is sure…


Why 30×40 Metal Buildings are Perfect for Grain Storage

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Indoor Grain Storage and Metal Buildings For farmers, finding a solution for grain storage needs is an incredibly important aspect of the job. In addition to being a valuable food crop, grain is also the primary food source for many farm animals, and thus it needs to be protected from moisture and pests. There's no better way to ensure that than by using metal buildings. Steel buildings have become a favorite option among…


Everyone wants to feel safe. It really doesn't matter what kind of building you’re in, whether it’s a home, garage, or other types of structure – safety and security are still of utmost importance. One of the things that make us feel the safest is knowing that we have a reliable roof over our heads. But what if we didn’t? That’s the real possibility you’d be facing if your metal building weren’t certified…


Upgrade Your RV Protection with a Metal RV Carport

By Carport Central   |   Posted In: RV Covers
Upgrade Your RV Protection with a Metal RV Carport

  Now that summer has arrived, vacation season is finally here! But who wants to deal with the hassle and expense of having to book a hotel? Purchasing an RV gives you the freedom to get up and go wherever your heart desires, whenever you decide to go! But you may also be asking a great question right about now – “That sounds fantastic, but where should I keep my new RV when…

Metal-Garage-with-Living-Quarters--From-Common-Garage-to-Metal-Home-of-Your-Dreams (1)

Live Your Best Life Now in a Metal Building with Living Quarters The housing market is still booming in terms of demand for homes across America. Many contractors are backed up more than one, two, even three years out! But here’s a little secret – there’s a much better option available to you than having to wait around for an overly expensive stick-build. A metal garage with living quarters really can be your…

Standing-Strong-Against-Hurricanes-with-Steel (1)

Hurricanes Are Getting Worse, But Steel Buildings Continue to Stand strong Hurricanes are known to leave a trail of destruction in their wake, and the trends are pointing towards hurricane season getting even worse over time. The 2020 hurricane season was the most active season on record; it came to a cataclysmic close with Hurricane Iota ripping through Central America as a strong Cat 4 storm in mid-November! As storms look to get…


Steel Is a Fantastic Construction Material You must at least be considering the possibility of going with a metal building, or else you probably wouldn’t have clicked on this article in the first place. So let’s start by congratulating you for being a progressive thinker! Sure, you could be like a lot of people and just settle for a wood-framed building because you don’t know any better. But clearly you’re not most people,…


Enter the Barndo Whether you’re a seasoned barndo fan, or are somewhat unfamiliar with the term “barndominium,” the fact remains that barndominium homes are now trending across the country. The popularity of barndominiums first took off in Texas a few years ago, but that momentum has since spread throughout the Southwest, the Midwest, the Southeast, and across the rest of the country.   If you’re new to barndominiums (or “barndos” for short), they’re…

12x26 Metal Boat Carport

A carport doesn’t have to be huge in order to provide reliable protection! Got a single vehicle, RV, or boat you need to keep under cover? This featured custom single carport will do just the trick. Plus, this steel structure offers a level of performance you simply can’t get from a building made with wood or aluminum.   As is the case with any carport or outdoor shelter, the roof overhead is really…

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