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A-Frame Horizontal Carports or Boxed-Eave Carports

If you want a steel carport that can match your house design along with being affordable, look no further! Boxed-eave metal carports are built with an A-frame roof which matches the home design.

Carport Central offers flexible designing and customizing for your A-frame carport, allowing you to have a say in your building’s features. We can construct a carport according to your specifications AND budget. Whether you need a carport for one car or multiple vehicles and equipment, Carport Central has exactly what you need. Our carports come with an option of 15 colors and you can use any of them for the roof, trim, or walls. With the color and size flexibility, it is easy to find a boxed eave carport that will blend with the design of your home.

Boxed-eave carport or garage?

A boxed-eave carport can be converted into a fully-enclosed boxed eave metal garage just by adding side panels to the structure. Fully-enclosed boxed-eave metal garages offer complete protection from all elements as compared to our open (or partially closed) boxed-eave carports. In fact, our fully-enclosed garages are perfect for areas with harsh weather conditions, such as those that receive heavy snowfalls or high-speed winds/storms. Whether you choose an A-frame carport or garage, you can be sure you’ll receive superior workmanship and a high-quality product. We even offer delivery AND installation for all our structures in 43 states across the country.

Boxed-Eave Roof Style Carports vs. Vertical Roof Style Carports

While both options feature an A-frame design, the boxed-eave carports are less expensive than the vertical carports. If you want the best, long-lasting roof system that’s virtually maintenance free, the vertical roof is the best way to go. Vertical style carports are the sturdiest among our options that include ridge-caps and a hat-channel under the length of the roof.

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