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30x40 Metal Building

A 30’x40’ steel building from Carport Central is more than just another metal building. The many ways you can utilize this structure are only limited by your imagination. One of the more common applications of this building is as a 3-car side-entry garage, but you aren’t limited to that. Need a barn, hay shed, or retail facility? You’ve got one!

Multiple Color Options Available

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Why choose a 30×40 Metal Building?

A 30’x40’ metal structure is a great option for both residential and commercial applications. A 30’W configuration can fit in a backyard, while a 40’L configuration opens up even more possibilities.

30’x40’ Metal Building Features:

  • 30’W x 40’L, or can be configured as 40’W and 30’L
  • Typically comes with a height of 12’, but you customize according to your needs
  • We recommend our premium A-frame vertical roof for a building this size
  • Choose either horizontal or vertical paneling to enclose your building and protect its contents from sun, wind, rain, critters, and theft.
  • Delivery and installation included
  • Comes with a 20-year rust-through frame warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and one-year workmanship warranty

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Multi-Purpose 30x40 Metal Building

Potential Application Possibilities for a 30×40 Metal Building

Whether you’re looking for residential, agricultural, commercial, or even industrial applications for your 30’x40’ building, a quality steel structure from Carport Central offers many multipurpose uses.

Some 30’x40’ Metal Building Applications:

  • Park three standard vehicles
  • Store a combination of larger and smaller vehicles, tractors, ATVs, and more
  • Create your own man cave or she shed
  • Turn it into a personal gym
  • Create bays for auto service work
  • Also a good size for personal office space, small retail space, or even a spacious 1200-square-foot apartment!

It’s Customizable!

The 30’x40’ Metal Building is an adaptable size in itself, but Carport Central also offers a number of customization options to help you create just the space that you need and want:

  • Choose your preferred colors for the roof, sides (including wainscoting options), and trim
  • Depending on the size of your lot and of your intended uses for your building, choose the 30’W x 40’L configuration or the 40’W x 30’L side-entry configuration
  • Choose the number and type of entry points that you desire, including garage doors, frame-outs, walk-in doors, and window options
  • Standard 14-gauge steel framing, or you can upgrade to the sturdier 12-gauge
  • We can certify your building to meet ANY minimum local wind/snow load requirements
  • More available customization options, too!

How Much Does a 30×40 Metal Building Cost?

Our steel building prices are really some of the best you’ll find anywhere! Plus, when you purchase from us, you can trust that the job will be done right, guaranteed! Your specific building price will vary based on factors including the final building dimensions, customization options you choose, any additional materials desired, the gauge of frame (standard 14-GA or sturdier 12-GA), the gauge of sheet metal (standard 29-GA or sturdier 26-GA), and your particular installation location. As a reference point, our 30’x41’x12’ vertical roof garage with 2 garage doors, a walk-in door, and a window starts at just $14,635 (price varies by state and location). And of course, you can always just give one of our friendly building specialists a call for an accurate price quote for whatever building dimensions and customizations you want to choose!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does it take to erect a 30×40 metal building?
  2. One advantage to choosing one of our precision-engineered, prefabricated buildings is that they go up fast – our crews can usually get a building like this installed in a single day, as long as you’ve made sure that the site is level before we arrive!

  3. Do I need a permit for a 30×40 building?
  4. Many areas do require building permits to install metal garages or buildings. It’s best to check with your local city and/or county to learn about regulations and standards where you live. If you need help, we’re very familiar with building code requirements around the country; just reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help you through the process.

  5. Do you offer metal building kits?
  6. Yes we do! If you’re a DIYer who likes to save some money by doing things yourself, we can provide a custom-engineered steel building kit that you can actually pick up and install yourself at a discount. All the materials you need will be supplied in one convenient package; just reach out to us for more details!

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