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Metal Carports Georgia

Georgia Carports are built with strong galvanized steel to safeguard your cars and vehicles for years and decades. We offer these steel carports in GA with a wide range of options such as strong truss systems, double legs, double base rails, anchors (ground, asphalt, and mobile home), braces & certification codes. What this means is we have metal carports for every need in your city in Georgia.

Carport Central has partnered up with top manufacturers to offer great prices for Georgia Carports available for sale online. Scroll below to browse our industry’s best metal building catalog to order your carport in Georgia and get it installed by experts now.

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Metal Carport Prices Georgia

Metal Carport Prices in Georgia are determined by Carport roof styles, Size (dimension) of your carport, and Thickness (gauge) of the metal used to build your car port. Good news for carport buyers in GA as you do not need to buy the most expensive metal structure to pursue quality carports.

The best metal carports in GA can be built with vertical roof style and 14/12 GA steel. Carport price is a good indication of quality, but it is not everything. If you are unsure of your carport requirements, talk to our building specialists. They will not only help you get the best metal structure in GEORGIA but also the great prices for metal carports in GA.

Metal Carports Prices Georgia (12' Wide - Updated)
A-Frame Roof StyleVertical Roof Style
Metal Carports Prices Georgia (18' Wide - Updated)
A-Frame Roof StyleVertical Roof Style
Metal Carports Prices Georgia (20' Wide - Updated)
A-Frame Roof StyleVertical Roof Style
Metal Carports Prices Georgia (22' Wide - Updated)
A-Frame Roof StyleVertical Roof Style
Metal Carports Prices Georgia (24' Wide - Updated)
A-Frame Roof StyleVertical Roof Style


Looking for metal carports or metal buildings in the Empire State of the South? Yes, you have arrived at the right online carport website. Also, known as the Peach State, Georgia is the largest of the states in the USA, east of the Mississippi River.

Georgia has 159 counties, more than any other state east of the Mississippi and Carport Central is proud to serve metal carports and buildings in all cities, rural, and counties of GA. Georgians can enjoy the warm sunny evenings in the shade of their carport or work under the secure metal garage building when the weather becomes rough. A carport is the best investment in your future as it increases the value of your home and that of your business. It is the best shelter for your cars, RVs, trucks, boats, and equipment such as mowers and garden tools.

The state of GA is the country’s number-one producer of peanuts, pecans, and peaches, and Vidalia onions, known as the sweetest onions in the world, can only be grown in the fields around Vidalia and Glennville. Another sweet treat from the Peach State is Coca-Cola, which was invented in Atlanta in 1886. With all these great farming feathers in its cap, Georgia and its residents can benefit from the barn and enclosed garage buildings that we build for the competitive prices.

Hot summers and increasingly unpredictable winters can be rough on your automobiles and belongings in GA. Adding a carport or an enclosed metal building in Georgia will add value to your property. Once you decide the time is right to start investigating what carport companies must offer, visit Carport Central. We sell more than $500,000 worth of metal buildings in Georgia every month. Trust us to have hundreds of metal carports photos and plans. You can also design a metal building in GA using our 3D carport estimator.

We have everything from metal pole barns for Georgian farmers to metal carports for Georgia vehicles.

What About Commercial Metal Buildings in Georgia?

For any Georgia business, large or small, Carport Central can supply pre-engineered steel and metal buildings. Our commercial steel buildings will stand the test of both time and harsh weather conditions. Our vast knowledge of the design and engineering process and our years of experience working with the manufacturers come in handy in Georgia. We offer better prices than the red iron building manufacturers, and delivery and installation included.

From steel warehouses to manufacturing facilities and industrial-style plants, Carport Central can help your Georgia business. Whether you are building a new manufacturing plant, warehouse, or workshop, Carport Central offers certified metal buildings that can help you get started with smaller upfront costs. With less than $12 per square feet, this is the most economical clear-span you need. If you are planning an expansion of your business and need a new facility, warehouse, or workshop, feel free to talk to us. Since we work with multiple manufacturers across the state of GA and the neighboring states, we can find manufacturers and crews who can put up your buildings in less than 4-6 weeks. Call us for current lead times in the state of GA.


Metal Garages in Georgia

– If you already have an open carport for Georgia weather, you can easily convert it into a fully enclosed garage with our garage kits for Georgia residents.  However, all our steel buildings for Georgia can be purchased new and can be installed as stand-alone structures.

Metal Barns in Georgia

– Georgia barn builders, will admire the quality of our metal barn kits for Georgia farmers and horse enthusiasts, alike.  Of course, barn kits for Georgia residents can be customized to suit any purpose that you might need.

Carports for Sale in Georgia

– We offer a wide array of steel carports for all types of vehicles, from the smallest compact car to the largest RV.

All the steel carports from Carport Central carry a 10 years’ panel warranty as well as 20 years’ warranty against rust.

Why Buy Carports in Georgia from Carport Central?

  • We install more than 250 metal buildings every week throughout the country. We carry more styles of steel building kits than any many other carport companies.
  • We have building specialists on call. No one will assist you as Carport Central does. We are synonymous with excellent customer service in the carport industry.
  • We work with multiple manufacturers to bring you the competitive carport prices.
  • We serve all cities and towns in Georgia.
  • Our galvanized tubular steel frame system comes with a 20-year warranty.
  • Exterior panels come with various lengths of warranty against fading, chalking or peeling: 10 years.
  • Environmentally friendly—approximately 90% recyclable materials.
  • We are A+ rated on BBB. Check our BBB rankings here.

Georgia Carport Prices

The Carport Prices page on Carport Central lists the prices for Sothern and Northern states. GA is considered one of the most prominent southern states in the carport industry. Visit our metal carport prices page for updated 2018 carport prices.

Carports Installation Georgia

Our Georgia carport price list is applicable in entire state of Georgia, which include:

Contact one of our customer service representatives today at +1 (980) 321-9898 to find out which carport or metal building might be right for you.

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