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40x40 Metal Building

A 40’x40’ steel building from Carport Central offers you 1600 square feet of usable interior space, with lots of application possibilities for residential, commercial, or agricultural environments. Whether you need a parking garage for multiple vehicles of various sizes, a commercial facility for storage or workspace, or a barn for farm equipment, animals, and/or grain, we’ve got you covered!

Multiple Color Options Available

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Why choose a 40×40 Metal Building?

One great feature of an enclosed 40’x40’ metal structure is its versatility. Just in terms of vehicle storage, you can fit three rows of cars or trucks two-deep and easily park up to six passenger vehicles. Here are some of the specs and features of our rugged 40’x40’ metal buildings:

  • 40’W x 40’L, for a full 1600 square feet of enclosed space
  • A popular height for these buildings is 12’, but you can customize this however you need
  • Comes with our strongest roof design, the A-frame vertical roof
  • We recommend vertical paneling as well, to better direct rain and snow away from your building
  • Delivery and installation included with purchase
  • Comes with a 20-year rust-through frame warranty, 10-year panel warranty, and one-year workmanship warranty

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Multi-Purpose 40x40 Metal Building

Popular Applications for a 40×40 Metal Building

Whether you need a 40’x40’ steel garage for residential, agricultural, commercial, or even industrial applications, the sky is the limit when it comes to this building’s multipurpose functionality.
Some 40’x40’ Metal Building Applications:

  • Park up to six standard vehicles comfortably
  • Use it to store larger vehicles like RVs, boats, or tractors
  • Turn it into an auto repair shop or service center
  • Make it into a retail storefront
  • Small commercial storage or manufacturing facility
  • For the farm, this makes a good general-purpose metal barn, hay shed, or shelter for your animals
  • You can even choose to finish it as a 1600-square-foot home – a stronger, lower-maintenance option than any traditional stick-build!

It’s Customizable!

Not only is this 40’x40’ metal building functional, it’s also fully adaptable and customizable! Carport Central is all about helping you create the exact space that you want and need:

  • Choose whatever colors you prefer for the roof, sides (including wainscoting options), and trim
  • What size and number of entry points do you want? It’s really up to you, and you place them all around the building if you desire. Choose from our many garage door, frame-out, walk-in door options. You can add windows, too!
  • Standard 14-gauge steel framing, or you can upgrade to the sturdier 12-gauge
  • We can certify your building to meet or exceed ANY local wind/snow load requirements in your area
  • Other customization options available, too!

How Much Does a 40×40 Metal Building Cost?

Our steel building prices really are some of the best on the market! And when you choose Carport Central, you can rest assured that the job will be done right, and that we’ll walk with you every step of the way. Your specific building price will vary based on factors including the final building dimensions, customization options you choose, any additional materials desired, the gauge of frame (standard 14-GA or sturdier 12-GA), the gauge of sheet metal (standard 29-GA or sturdier 26-GA), and your particular installation location. As a reference point, our 40’x41’x12’ all-vertical garage with 2 10’x10’ garage doors, 1 10’x14’ garage door, and a walk-in door starts at just $26,320 (price can vary by state and location). And you’re always welcome to give one of our friendly building specialists a call to get an accurate, customized price quote for exactly what you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I finance a 40×40 metal building?
  • You sure can! Carport Central partners with several preferred financing providers to help you get the building you need, with payment options you can afford. Applying for financing with us is quick, easy, and transparent; many times we can get you a financing decision within a matter of minutes. We work hard to make the financing process as simple and pain-free as possible!

  • Do I need a permit for a 40×40 building?
  • Many areas do require building permits for the construction of metal garages or buildings. It’s best to check with your local municipality and/or county to learn about the regulations and standards that apply for your projected installation site. If you need help or have questions, our specialists are very familiar with building code requirements in just about every area of the country; we can help walk you through the process.

  • Do you offer certified metal buildings?
  • Yes we do! While steel structures are stronger than wood buildings by default, some areas do require your metal structure to be certified to meet certain wind and/or snow load minimums. But even if certification isn’t required in your area, we recommend it simply for the greater peace of mind that having a certified building offers.

  • Which type of roof do you recommend for a 40×40 building?
  • When it comes to roofs, the style you choose is ultimately up to you. But while all of our roofing options are built with strong 12- or 14-gauge steel, we recommend the vertical roof for a building this size. The vertical roof is built on a A-frame with additional reinforcement, and is our strongest roof design. The vertical paneling also makes it easier for rain, snow, and debris to flow off of your roof and away from your structure.

  • What if I want doors and windows?
  • You can have them! If it’s a fully-enclosed building, you’re obviously going to need some points of entry, and it’s also nice to be able to add some windows to make your building look more “homey” and also let in some natural light. Carport Central gives you several options for adding garage doors, frame-outs, walk-in doors, and windows to your building.

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