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Metal Building Codes & Building Permits – Things to Know

Getting a brand-new prefab metal building is exciting. However, we have to talk about something that most customers don’t find exciting at all - building codes and permits. These permits and codes are often confusing and overwhelming. There’s no need to worry about that, though! Here at Carport Central, we want to make sure you understand your metal building from start to finish. That means we want you to understand…

Building Of The Week – 22x26 Custom 2-Car Carport

As you can see from the photo, this is more than just another run-of-the-mill carport. It’s really a handy multipurpose outdoor shelter! Obviously it’s perfect for parking a truck and an SUV, but it’s useful for other things too. This homeowner has decided to set aside some protected workspace for tending to some large container plants, as well. What could you do with a versatile steel structure like this?  …

Building Of The Week - 48x31 Drop-Down Barn

Check out this impressive multipurpose building, where the classic look of a red barn meets the modern performance capabilities of a custom steel build! A raised center barn building like this is a perfect solution for anyone who’s looking to check off multiple boxes with one outdoor structure. The three separate-but-connected sections give you plenty of fully-enclosed space in which to operate. Use it to keep multiple vehicles safe and…

Building Of The Week – 30x36 Boat And RV Carport

How about a boat cover that’s tall enough, long enough, and wide enough to accommodate much more than just a boat? This featured steel structure we installed for a local customer was initially used to cover a pontoon boat, car, and lawn tractor. And as you can see, there’s still plenty of room to spare to be able to include a couple more passenger vehicles. You could also use this…

Metal Barns with Living Quarters: One of the Hottest Home Trends in America

With growing families and the desire to expand, it’s easy to see why you might want a new home. But where do you start? Maybe you’ve heard about people turning garages into guest houses, but did you know that metal barns with living quarters are one of the most popular home options out there? Buying a house can be an intimidating process. Between making sure you have good enough credit…

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