Should You Invest in a Rent-to-Own Shed?

Navigating Storage Solutions: Rent to Own Sheds The demand for personal storage solutions continues to rise, and the self-storage market has become big business in America. 90% of all self-storage inventory is held in the U.S., and players like Public Storage, U-Haul, ExtraSpace Storage, and CubeSmart continue to add units around the country. Even so, renting space at an offsite self-storage facility may not be the best option for you.…

Is a Repo Shed or Used Storage Building Really Worth Buying?

Storage Sheds and Storage Buildings Are Handy to Have Around If you’re an American homeowner, you’ve probably got plenty of stuff to store. In fact, you probably have more stuff to store than you have space to do it. If you’re looking for a good backyard storage solution, choosing to install a storage shed or storage building absolutely makes good sense.   What About Repo Sheds or a Repo Storage…

Tips for Keeping Your Metal Garage Warm and Toasty in Winter

What’s in Store for Winter 2023-24? It’s way too early to make any type of accurate long-range forecast, but signs point toward the South and Southeast receiving more snowfall than normal this winter. After three years of La Niña patterns, El Niño is back in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, and that usually results in below-average temperatures and higher snow chances around Carport Central’s home base of operations in North Carolina.…

A Helpful Guide to Metal Barn Roof Styles

Metal Barns Are Smart Building Solutions In generations past, nearly all farm and agricultural buildings were made out of wood. But thanks to the advances and opportunities offered by modern steel barns, the heyday of wood barns and pole barns has really come and gone. More and more farms and ranches are making the switch to custom metal barns, and for good reason. Not only are metal barns generally less…

How to Pour a Concrete Slab for Your New Metal Structure

Metal Buildings Are Smart Solutions Thinking about going with metal building kits, or a metal building for sale to solve your outdoor storage needs? That’s a good call, especially if you partner with a pro like Carport Central. Our custom-designed steel structures are fantastic solutions for all sorts of residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications. Some initial things to decide are exactly where you intend to place the new building…

Helpful Steel Building Tips
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