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Is growing plants something you do professionally, or is it just something you enjoy on a personal level? Either way, having your own greenhouse is a gardening solution that opens up plenty of possibilities. Greenhouses continue to surge in popularity for many reasons. With urban areas continuing to expand and grow, many people are feeling a disconnect from nature. A greenhouse allows you to grow plants very effectively and efficiently, even if you don’t have a large yard. There’s a practical advantage, too – by growing some of your own fruits and vegetable, you can cut down on personal food expenses!

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How Does a Greenhouse Work?

Greenhouses help to create an ideal growing environment for all sorts of plants, including some which might not ordinarily thrive in your respective climate zone. The concept behind a greenhouse is pretty simple – radiation from the sun enters the greenhouse through clear panels (usually placed on the roof and side walls), and the insulated space traps the heat inside. You’ve experienced this “greenhouse effect” yourself if you’ve ever opened a car door on a sunny day – it’s always MUCH hotter inside the car than it is outdoors. In the same way, a greenhouse space stays relatively warm year-round, making it an ideal place for growing a variety of plants. And a greenhouse is designed to help maintain a more constant temperature too, so your plants are shielded from both hot and cold extremes.

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