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Finding a reliable source of protection for your property can be very difficult, especially when you have a budget to stick to and aren’t sure which company can provide you with the right solution. But here at Carport Central, we don’t just provide you with metal buildings, we provide you with solutions. One of our 50×100 metal buildings can fulfill most every need you have, no matter if they’re residential, agricultural, or commercial.

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Advantages 50×100 Metal Buildings

Investing a significant amount of your hard-earned money into a metal building is a big decision to make, one that will affect your way of living. So, before you jump in with both feet first, it’s important that you take every aspect of a steel building into consideration. And despite most people believing they’re a waste of money, there are several reasons you should opt for a custom metal structure.

  • Long-Lasting
  • Fully Customizable
  • Versatile
  • Energy Efficient
  • Affordable
  • And so much more!

Top Selling Metal Buildings

50'x100' Commercial Garage Building
50'x100' Commercial Garage Building
Starting at : $74,595.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Financing Available
Sku No : 50101CGB
50'x100' Commercial Garage Building
Starting at: $74,595.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Width 50
Length 101
Height 12
This commercial garage building features, 12' Side Eave Height, 36x80" Premium Walk in Door , 36x36" Premium Windows, 12x12' Roll up Garage Doors, 10x10' Roll up Garage Doors, and a vertical roof.
50'x60' Commercial Shelter
50'x60' Commercial Shelter
Starting at : $40,000.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Financing Available
Sku No : 506118CS
50'x60' Commercial Shelter
Starting at: $40,000.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Width 50
Length 61
Height 18
This commercial storage carport features, 18 ft side height, 20'x16' Framed Openings ONLY W/ Portal Frames, and a vertical roof.
50'x50' Commercial Building
50'x50' Commercial Building
Starting at : $40,165.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Financing Available
Sku No : 505112CB
50'x50' Commercial Building
Starting at: $40,165.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Width 50
Length 51
Height 12
This 50’ x 51’ commercial building features, 12’ height, front and side windows, walk-in Frame out door and a vertical roof.
50'x50' Continuous Roof Barn
50'x50' Continuous Roof Barn
Starting at : $40,202.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Financing Available
Sku No : VRSB505114
50'x50' Continuous Roof Barn
Starting at: $40,202.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Width 50
Length 51
Height 14' Center, 11' Lean To
50Wx50Lx14H Barn Building with an attached 12’W x 50’L x 11’H lean-to and an 18’W x 50’L x 11’H lean-to
50'x50' Clear Span Garage
50'x50' Clear Span Garage
Starting at : $57,448.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Financing Available
Sku No : VR505016
50'x50' Clear Span Garage
Starting at: $57,448.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Width 50
Length 50
Height 16
Clear Span Garage 50x50x16
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Multi-Purpose 50x100 Metal Building

Daily Applications for 50×100 Metal Buildings

The most common mistake customers make when they choose to invest in a steel building is choosing one that won’t fulfill all your needs. We understand you may not need a 50×100 metal structure for your current needs, but those needs will differ greatly five years down the road. If you’d like some inspiration for your next project, take a look at the various applications below.

  • Production Facility
  • Factory
  • Business Space
  • Heavy Equipment Storage
  • Horse Barn

You Can Customize a Metal Building to Your Specifications!

For most customers, the most exciting part of the purchasing process is being able to take control over the design and layout of their steel building. No matter how detailed or simple your ideal structure may be, our 3D Building Estimator can bring it to life with a few simple clicks. You can choose from a variety of standard and premium colors, roof styles, standard and custom size dimensions, foundations, certifications, and several other features to create the perfect storage unit for your property. The best part about the Estimator is that as you choose these customizations, you can see them come to life on a 3D model. Oh, did we mention that you can do all this from the comfort of your own home? That’s right! You won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

How Much Does a 50×100 Metal Building Cost?

There are several factors that will affect the final price of your 50’W x 100’L metal building, including the size dimensions, style, added customization options, install location, certification, and manufacturer. With a budget to follow and several price variations, it can be difficult to not overspend. But despite what the final price may be, we offer two excellent rent-to-own and financing programs to provide financial assistance. You can find more information about these flexible payment plans and our standard price ranges on our website, or you can call one of our building specialists today at (980) 321-9898.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What codes does my 50×100 metal building have to meet?
  • The building codes required by your area will depend on the county, city, and state you live in. If you aren’t sure what codes you’ll have to meet, you will need to contact your local building department for more information.

  • What warranty will I get on my 50×100 metal building?
  • There are several warranties to back up our products, including a one-year workmanship warranty, ten-year panel warranty on cracking and chipping, and a twenty-year rust-through warranty for the framing. If damages are made to your structure, you’ll need to contact your building specialists about the situation.

  • After I order my 50×100 steel building, how long does it take for my delivery to arrive?
  • The time of delivery for your structure will depend on how long it takes the manufacturer to prepare your building, how detailed the design is, and the area you live in.

  • Do you supply roof only structures?
  • There are roof-only structures available here at Carport Central, also referred to as carports. You can customize them to your exact specifications just as the other buildings offered here. If you prefer to have partial enclosure, you can have additional paneling installed on the sides and ends.

  • Can I buy the metal building as a kit and assemble it myself?
  • There are a variety of steel building kits offered at Carport Central, each of them offered at a discounted price. They do not come with step-by-step instructions; you will need to purchase site specific plans for assistance.

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