Metal Storage Sheds

Precision-engineered metal storage sheds offer a wide variety of advantages at a price that is hard to beat considering their durability, reliability, and longevity. These metal storage buildings require little maintenance, are less expensive to build and maintain, and may actually reduce your insurance costs!

At Carport Central, our metal storage sheds are made with high-quality American steel, and they add character and charm to your outdoor environment. Oh, and did we mention? Delivery and installation for your custom metal storage shed will be included in your final price! Keep reading to learn more…

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Top Selling Metal Buildings

24'x30' Metal Garage with Lean-to
24'x30' Metal Garage with Lean-to
Starting Price : $21,117.00
30'x70' Insulated Side Entry Garage
30'x70' Insulated Side Entry Garage
Starting Price : $33,090.00
30'x70' Commercial Garage Building
30'x70' Commercial Garage Building
Starting Price : $24,595.00
22'x45' Four Car Garage Building
22'x45' Four Car Garage Building
Starting Price : $17,160.00
30'x36' Lean-to Building
30'x36' Lean-to Building
Starting Price : $15,330.00
40'x80' Commercial Garage
40'x80' Commercial Garage
Starting Price : $50,800.00
28'x40' Metal Garage-Workshop
28'x40' Metal Garage-Workshop
Starting Price : $19,870.00
30'x30' Prefab Metal Garage
30'x30' Prefab Metal Garage
Starting Price : $15,595.00
44'x30' – Raised Center Aisle Metal Barn
44'x30' – Raised Center Aisle Metal Barn
Starting Price : $27,421.00
24'x36' – 2 Car Garage
24'x36' – 2 Car Garage
Starting Price : $17,517.00
32'x40' Metal Utility Building
32'x40' Metal Utility Building
Starting Price : $32,808.00
24'x50' Vertical Garage/Workshop
24'x50' Vertical Garage/Workshop
Starting Price : $16,300.00

Which Metal Storage Building is Right for Your Project?

Versatile Buildings with Endless Possibilities

If you’re like most people, your work, farm, or outdoor equipment is starting to outgrow your current storage space. Some try to solve this problem by renting space at an outdoor storage facility, often located some distance from their homes. The problem with this solution is that monthly unit rental costs can stack up, and having to drive every time you need to get to your stuff can be a hassle! Carport Central’s steel storage buildings offer a more convenient and cost-effective solution for all your storage needs—no matter how big or small.

Remember when adding additional storage meant having to take out a second mortgage or dip into your savings? Well, not anymore! Thanks to modern technology and materials, Carport Central is able to manufacture and install strong, weather-resistant, low-maintenance metal storage sheds and buildings for an affordable price!

In addition to being cost-effective and virtually hassle-free, our 12- and 14-gauge metal storage buildings are fully customizable for your current needs, and are more adaptable for your future needs as well! You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, door and window options, and so much more, all depending on how you want to use your structure.

We’ve established that metal storage sheds and buildings are a great investment; so, where do you go to buy a quality structure? We recommend selecting a dealer whose metal buildings will meet and exceed guidelines of durability, versatility, and competitive pricing. You also want to work with a professional who demonstrates exceptional product knowledge, and provides superior customer service.

As a consumer, you have no lack of options when it comes to finding a supplier of metal storage sheds or metal storage buildings. How do you choose which business to give your hard-earned dollar? Below are some of the reasons why Carport Central has become the top online dealer of metal buildings in America:

  1. Durability: Protecting Your Investment

Lesser quality units aren’t as durable, and can require a significant amount of maintenance. Our rugged steel storage buildings offer increased resistance to the elements, resulting in an overall lower cost of ownership. Carport Central uses a good-quality 29-gauge sheet metal for our building fabrication. If you’re in an area that experiences more weather extremes or tougher conditions, you can also choose to opt for our sturdier 26-gauge sheet metal.

  1. Versatile Customization Options

With all of our many customization options, Carport Central can help you design a metal storage building to fit all your needs AND your budget! The color of your building, roof style, walls, doors, windows, anchors, and more can all be customized to match your exact specifications.

  1. Competitive Pricing for Metal Storage Sheds

You have the option to choose from one of our popular metal storage shed designs, or you can design your very own custom metal shed from the ground up! We offer all of our structures and customization options at very competitive prices, and we work with every customer to ensure their budget is both considered AND met!

  1. Product Knowledge

Here at Carport Central, we understand our customers may have questions before they’re ready to make an investment with us. Many people have an idea of what they want to store or how they want to use their building, but they really don’t know what they need in a metal storage building. Our friendly and knowledgeable building specialists have well over 100 years of combined experience in the metal building industry, and we’re happy to share our knowledge with you! We’re happy to receive your call, and we can usually price any custom metal building on the spot. You can also go online and take advantage of our state-of-the-art 3D Building Designer, which allows you to create, visualize, and even place an order for your own custom-designed building, all from the comfort of your couch. No matter your need, specifications, or budget, Carport Central has the knowledge and expertise to help you get exactly what you want in a steel structure!

  1. Customer Service

We’re not just in the metal building business; we’re in the people business. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the absolute best products and best service available! Our customer reviews testify to the level of care we give to each person who chooses to entrust their business to us. BBB not only gave us an A+ rating, but they’ve also nominated us twice for their annual Torch Awards for Ethics! We are grateful for your business, and we’ll give you a level of personal attention that you simply won’t get from other metal building dealers.

Uses for Metal Storage Sheds and Outdoor Storage Buildings

The sky is the limit when it comes to the potential applications for your metal storage building! Here are a few of the ways we’ve seen customers use their new steel structures:

  • Feed / hay storage for the farm or ranch
  • Agricultural storage buildings for heavy farm equipment
  • Livestock barn / shelter
  • RV and boat covers
  • Garden / storage sheds
  • Pool-side cabana
  • Picnic shelter
  • Horse barn
  • Auto repair shops and workshops
  • Multi-purpose storage
  • Outdoor tool shed
  • Parking garages and carports
  • Custom residential space

Better Metal Storage Building Kits at Reduced Prices

As mentioned above, delivery and installation included with your standard custom steel building purchase, but perhaps you’re a DIYer who likes to save a little money by doing things yourself. For a cheaper price, we are happy to provide a custom-engineered metal storage shed kit that you pick up and install yourself. Everything you need is supplied in one convenient package. Just reach out to us and we can answer questions about metal storage shed kit pickup locations. At Carport Central, we specialize in helping DIYers get the metal storage building of their dreams, at the right price!

Not sure which custom metal building will best suit your needs and budget? We’ve put some great resources together on our buying guide page to help you get started. Our friendly building specialists are also always available to answer any questions you may have. You can reach out to us on our website, or just give us a call today at (980) 321-9898, we’ll be glad to help!

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