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30x30 Garage

Did you know that your vehicle is most likely the second largest investment you’ll make in your lifetime? And even after spending a significant amount of your hard-earned money on one, the vehicle will remain parked for nearly half its lifetime. If you’re willing to spend money on a new vehicle, you should also be willing to spend it on a reliable shelter.

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Why go for a 30×30 Garage?

We understand how big of a decision it is to spend your hard-earned money on something such as a metal garage. But despite what most people believe, there are several advantages you stand to gain by investing in one of our durable structures.

  • Long Lasting – Between their heavy-duty, durable steel framing and flexible designs, our 30’x30 garages and other structures can last for years on end. With a little TLC and regular maintenance checks, you won’t have to worry about replacing or repairing your structure for years.
  • Durable – We use the finest steel framing for all our buildings, each component undergoing a galvanization process for additional protection against Mother Nature. It’s because of this galvanized coating and their heavy-duty nature that our steel-framed structures can withstand most all climates.
  • Versatile – Due to their flexible designs, our steel garages have the ability to conform to your ever-changing needs. Whether you’re in need of a workshop, a guest house, or a simple parking garage, they can do it all.
  • Fully Customizable – With our large variety of customization options, you can design and personalize your ideal storage solution. From a range of standard and premium color options, to roof styles, to windows and doors, you can do most anything you like.

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Multi-Purpose 30x30 Garage

Numerous Applications of a 30×30 Garage

A 30’W x 30’L steel garage is much more than a reliable shelter for your vehicles and equipment, it’s an all-in-one solution. No matter if your needs are personal, residential, agricultural, or commercial, these metal structures can do it all. And before you start to think that there’s only one way to take advantage of these versatile buildings, take a look at some of our ideas below.

  • Workshop
  • Personal Gym
  • Storage Unit
  • Retail Store
  • Greenhouse

It’s Customizable!

Unlike other metal building companies, we give you the chance to add a personal touch to your ideal storage solution. As we mentioned before, with such a large collection of customization options, you can design a 30×30 metal garage suited to your exact specifications. A few of our many features include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Roof Styles (Vertical, A-frame Horizontal, Regular)
  • Colors (Standard and Premium)
  • Walk-in Doors
  • Garage Doors
  • Frame-Outs
  • Windows

And don’t forget to take advantage of our signature online 3D Building Configurator. This handy tool allows you to design your structure and see all the customizations become a reality. You can also place your order through the configurator once you’ve completed its layout.

How Much Does a 30×30 Garage Cost?

We offer a variety of steel buildings at various prices here at Carport Central. From our smaller 12’W x 21’L carports, to our 40’W x 60’L garages and larger, all for a variable set of prices. The cost of our 30×30 garage, and other steel buildings, is affected by several factors including their size dimensions, style, customizations, certification, and install location. These prices are some of the best in the metal building industry, but for the customers who find it difficult to make a full payment upfront, we still have options for you. Our flexible rent-to-own and financing programs are two of the best in the industry. These stress-free payment plans are the perfect answer for customers who need their building quickly, but just can’t seem to afford it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I buy a 30×30 garage and assemble it myself?
  2. Yes, we offer metal building kits for customers who prefer to assemble their structure themselves. These kits are offered at lower prices; however, we do recommend having assistance during the installation process if you do not have much experience.

  3. What are certified garages and why should I purchase one?
  4. Certified buildings are specifically designed and engineered to meet and exceed your local building codes and requirements. They are a much stronger, longer lasting storage solution. Based on the weather conditions in your area, you may or may not be required to certify your structure, but it is recommended. By purchasing a certified garage, you can have peace of mind knowing your property will be safe and secure year-round, protected from theft and Mother Nature.

  5. What is the warranty of 30×30 garage?
  6. All our products are backed by a one-year workmanship warranty, ten-year panel warranty for cracking and chipping only, and a twenty-year rust-through warranty for your framing.

  7. Do I need a permit for 30×30 garage?
  8. Permits are based on the building codes required by your local building department. It is your responsibility as the customer to contact your local building department and obtain all required permits. If you do not get a permit, there is a chance your county will make you take the structure down and start from scratch.

  9. Does my installation site need to be level?
  10. All installation sites must be level before a metal building can be assembled, no matter if it is the ground, gravel, asphalt, or concrete. If it is not completely level, there are some manufacturers who will level it for a slight upcharge; however, most companies will leave and will charge a return fee to assemble your structure.

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