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Why Steel Is a Fantastic Residential Construction Material

Sure, you can build with wood, aluminum, or other materials. But why would you do that when galvanized light-gauge steel is more rugged, more reliable, and more affordable? Here are a few reasons why a steel building makes better sense for residential uses: 

  • Strength & Durability – Steel buildings are basically impervious to moisture and rot – something that simply can’t be said for wood. In fact, steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any commercially-available building material. So if strength and durability are important to you, you really won’t find anything better than steel. It’s easier to clean and maintain than other building materials, too.
  • Sustainability – Steel isn’t just one of the strongest materials; it’s also one of the most sustainable. Did you know that steel isn’t just one of the most recycled construction materials? It’s one of the most recycled materials in the world, period! In fact, steel can actually be recycled any number of times without sacrificing any measurable strength or performance. All construction-grade steel includes a percentage of recycled content, which depletes fewer of Earth’s natural resources.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Let’s be honest. When it comes to construction material costs in today’s economy, price matters. You might assume that since steel is such an exceptional material, it would be more expensive to build with than wood. But that’s not the case at all! It’s actually more cost-effective to build with light-gauge steel, and the bigger your building dimensions, the more you can save!
  • Versatility – What can you construct with steel? Pretty much any type of residential building you can think of! Steel structures simply offer greater flexibility of design than other comparable construction materials. A steel building is also easier to adapt or expand, should your needs change at some point in the future.
  • All-Weather Protection – Of course, you also want a building that’s capable of withstanding anything Mother Nature has to throw at it. You can’t beat steel in that regard, either. Residential steel buildings are engineered to provide superior protection from sun, wind, rain, snow, hail, lightning, fire, and even earthquakes. Because of the reliable nature of steel structures, they’re usually cheaper to insure too.

Top Selling Metal Buildings

24'x30' Metal Garage with Lean-to
24'x30' Metal Garage with Lean-to
Starting at : $21,117.00
30'x70' Insulated Side Entry Garage
30'x70' Insulated Side Entry Garage
Starting at : $33,090.00
30'x70' Commercial Garage Building
30'x70' Commercial Garage Building
Starting at : $24,595.00
22'x45' Four Car Garage Building
22'x45' Four Car Garage Building
Starting at : $17,160.00
30'x36' Lean-to Building
30'x36' Lean-to Building
Starting at : $15,330.00
40'x80' Commercial Garage
40'x80' Commercial Garage
Starting at : $50,800.00
28'x40' Metal Garage-Workshop
28'x40' Metal Garage-Workshop
Starting at : $19,870.00
30'x30' Prefab Metal Garage
30'x30' Prefab Metal Garage
Starting at : $15,595.00
44'x30' – Raised Center Aisle Metal Barn
44'x30' – Raised Center Aisle Metal Barn
Starting at : $27,421.00
24'x36' – 2 Car Garage
24'x36' – 2 Car Garage
Starting at : $17,517.00
32'x40' Metal Utility Building
32'x40' Metal Utility Building
Starting at : $32,808.00
24'x50' Vertical Garage/Workshop
24'x50' Vertical Garage/Workshop
Starting at : $16,300.00

Popular Types of Residential Steel Buildings

There are many options in terms of building sizes, designs, and applications. Here are just a few of the popular types that Carport Central provides for our customers:

  • Residential Carports – A steel carport does what you’d expect it to do. It provides reliable shelter for your car, truck, or other personal vehicles. A steel carport can also be used for covering RVs, boats, trailers, mowers, lawn equipment, garden equipment, sports equipment, and any number of outdoor items. If it’s an open-air outdoor shelter you need, there’s a steel carport solution for that.
  • Residential RV Carports – These are essentially specialty types of metal carports. RV carports are designed for accommodating higher-profile vehicles like RVs, motorhomes, buses, trailers, tractors, combines, etc. And if you happen to be an RV owner, then you know it’s important to have a reliable way to keep your RV investment well-protected from the elements whenever you’re not out on the open road.
  • Residential Garages – These are also like carports but with added protection and security. By choosing to enclose your structure with sturdy steel paneling, you can create a perfect residential garage to take better care of your personal vehicles and other storage needs. If you’re looking for the right detached garage solution, Carport Central can deliver it!
  • Residential Metal Sheds – Got some things you need to keep in an outdoor shed? A rickety aluminum building really won’t cut it for your more valuable personal property and equipment. Thanks to better materials and better engineering, a steel shed is really a better option. They can be designed to meet whatever size requirements you might need, too.
  • Residential Storage Buildings – It’s like a metal shed, only bigger. Plus, it can be fully enclosed for better protection and more reliable security. Many Americans use their garage for personal storage as much as anything else, but you won’t have to choose if you elect to install a residential storage building. You can keep your cars in the garage and use your storage building for everything else!
  • Residential Utility Buildings – Maybe you like the idea of having an open-air carport but would also like to be able to build in a section of fully-enclosed space, as well. For these types of needs, a utility building really checks all of the boxes. And the dimensions and floorplan of your combination building are really up to you!
  • Residential Barns – If you do some farming or gardening at home, you’ll appreciate having a residential barn. Or perhaps you just like the look of a barn for your outdoor building. Either way, Carport Central has you covered! Our metal barns are perfect for use as horse barns, hay barns, tack barns, livestock barns, garages, storage buildings, barndominiums, and more!
  • Residential Barndominiums & Metal Building Homes – What about using a steel building to create your own personal residence or vacation home? You can make that happen, too. We’ve delivered and installed a number of barndominiums and metal building homes for customers across the country, and we can provide the same for you, too. And we can provide a residential steel solution to meet whatever square footage requirements you may have in mind.

Can a Residential Steel Building Really Be Used as a Personal Residence?

Yes, it really can! In fact, Carport Central has installed a number of barndominiums and metal building homes for our customers. If you’ve never given much thought to a steel-framed structure as a residence or vacation cabin, there are many reasons why you should. For starters, steel buildings are stronger, more weather-resistant, and require less maintenance. These structures are also very flexible in terms of building design & application, and they go up MUCH faster than a traditional stick build. Oh, and as far as cost goes? On average, a steel-framed home is around 30% cheaper to build than a stick build!

Another popular question we get is, does a metal building home qualify for mortgage financing? And again, the answer is yes! Carport Central partners with preferred lenders who specialize in metal building home loans, and we can help you to finance your land, your metal home, and any necessary interior finishing work in one single mortgage loan! If you’re interested in learning more about metal building home possibilities, check out this comprehensive resource page.

Ways to Customize a Residential Steel Building

Another benefit of choosing a steel building is the fact that you have so many customization options available. You have complete freedom over deciding your exact building dimensions, paneling options and coverage for the roof and sides, optional gable & trim packages, plenty of color & color combination choices, and more!

  • Size Dimensions – Choose a minimum width of 12’, or go as wide as 70’, or even wider if that’s what you need. Standard building height starts at 7’, but you can also go as tall as 20’. And as far as building length is concerned, there’s essentially no limit to how long your steel building can be!
  • Roof Style – The rounded regular roof and A-frame horizontal roof have been traditional choices for many years, but each of those options comes with some liabilities, too. Because of this, Carport Central now only recommends the vertical roof design for your metal roof. A vertical roof offers the strongest possible design and the most reliable performance for almost any building application. The vertical paneling that comes with a vertical roof is also much better suited for shedding precipitation & debris and is better engineered for meeting any wind and snow certification requirements in your area.
  • Gauges – 14-gauge steel is the most popular standard for metal building framing, but that’s not your only option. You can also elect to upgrade to a thicker 12-gauge for a more sturdy structure. That’s especially advantageous for any areas which tend to receive more extreme weather. You also have different gauge options available for your roof paneling and side paneling, including both 29-gauge and 26-gauge steel.
  • Paneling Coverage – And speaking of side paneling, you can get as much or as little as you like. You can go with a roof-only building, you can choose partial side wall coverage, or you can choose a fully-enclosed building for more secure coverage and protection. With Carport Central, it’s really up to you!
  • Gables and Trim – Want to add some decorative J-trim to your building? You can certainly do that. How about including some attractive gables on the end to conceal any exposed framing and bracing? Yep, you can do that, too.
  • Colors – What are your metal roofing and paneling color options? You’ve got plenty. In fact, Carport Central offers a full palette of color choices for roof paneling, side paneling, and trim. Interested in going with a tasteful, two-tone wainscot look? We give you that option, as well.
  • Anchors for Many Foundation Options – On which type of surface would you like to install your new metal building? You can elect to install it on a hard foundation like concrete or asphalt if that’s what you need, but you certainly aren’t limited to just that. Metal buildings can just as easily be anchored to a gravel surface, or even to plain level ground. You don’t have to pour a hard foundation if you don’t need one!
  • Certification – Many local building codes require metal structures to be certified to meet minimum wind and snow loads. Carport Central understands this, and we can certify your building to meet any required local codes. And even if certification isn’t required for your particular building, we still recommend building certification to all of our customers. In terms of reliability and performance value, there’s just more peace of mind that comes along with owning a certified structure.
  • More Ways to Customize, Too!

Residential Steel Building Planning Tips

If you’re ready to move forward with your residential metal building plans, there are a couple of key things to keep in mind: how to plan for the right building size & design and how to prepare your site for building installation.

Building sizing

Start by thinking about how you want to use your building and what all you’d like to be able to keep under protective cover. If we’re talking about vehicles, then take a quick measurement of all vehicles to be included. If we’re talking about general storage space, then think through the space allocation needed to meet your storage needs. Want to finish your steel building as residential space, home office space, a man cave, a she shed, or something else? Then map out a working floorplan, and think through how much interior square footage you’ll need.

One of the great things about choosing a steel building construction approach is the fact that size really isn’t a prohibitive factor. Carport Central can help design, engineer, and deliver steel structures to meet practically any desired building dimensions.

Site preparation

As long as you’ve got the space available on your property, we can help to take care of the rest. If you choose to let one of our professional installation crews take care of getting your building put up, you really won’t have to do much. But there are a few things you’ll need to take care of beforehand to ensure your site is ready to go before the scheduled day of building delivery & installation:

  1. All debris and vegetation should be cleared away from the immediate building site and its surroundings; your installation location needs to be fully accessible by the installation crew.
  2. If you plan to use a poured foundation for your building, the foundation will need to be set and cured before the crew arrives on installation day. Just note that most metal building companies don’t provide groundwork or foundation services, so that’s something you’ll need to arrange on your own with a local provider.
  3. And here’s one more important consideration; your site needs to be level. It’s much harder to ensure that your building will be installed to last if the foundation surface isn’t level, to begin with.

Residential Steel Building Cost

So, how much does a residential steel building actually cost? The answer to that question will really depend upon several important factors, including your chosen building style and dimensions (width, length, and height), the gauge of steel framing, the gauge of roof paneling and side paneling, and which building customizations you choose.

For example, you can go with a roof-only structure (like a carport or open shelter), or you can add as much paneling as you want for a partial or full building enclosure. You can also choose from numerous door, window, trim, and color combinations and can have your building certified for minimum wind and snow loads.

But here’s some good news when it comes to steel building costs. Even though construction material costs have been on the rise in all categories, a steel structure is still more cost-effective than other building options. And Carport Central is committed to helping you get the best metal building at the best price. In addition, we happen to offer the best financing and RTO options in the metal building industry!

DIY Residential Steel Buildings

At Carport Central, we’re happy to deliver and install your custom metal building anywhere within our 46-state service area for NO extra charge. But if you’re someone who likes to save some extra money by doing things for yourself, you might want to consider going with a DIY steel building kit.

You can still have your custom metal building designed and manufactured to match whatever design and specs you have in mind. The difference is that you can pick up the building materials and install them yourself at a discount! Our metal building kits come with all the building materials you’ll need for installation, including fasteners and anchors. Just get in touch with one of our building specialists at Carport Central today, and we’ll be glad to answer whatever questions you may have and help you get started on your building order. Whatever you may have in mind with your residential steel building, we can make it happen!

Why Choose Carport Central for Your Residential Steel Building Solution

You know from our name that Carport Central provides carports, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. We’re actually the premier online provider of custom metal buildings in the continental United States! Whether you just need a simple residential carport, or whether you need a residential garage, barn, storage shed, RV cover, workshop, warehouse, commercial building, office space, barndominium, metal building home, or some other custom building design, we’ve got you covered.

To put it simply, Carport Central delivers the best-quality steel structures with the best pricing, best customer service, and best lead times – period. Each individual steel building is custom-designed and custom-manufactured for you – our buildings don’t come off of a shelf. And our friendly building specialists are always standing by to help you get EXACTLY what you want and need in a metal building.

Why wait any longer? You can reach out to us online, or for an even faster connection, just pick up the phone and give us a call today at (980) 321-9898!

We invite you to experience the Carport Central difference. We don’t just sell metal buildings; we provide shelter for your way of life.

At Carport Central, what’s Central to you, is Central to us!

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