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Metal Carports Florida

Florida Carports are built with strong galvanized steel to safeguard your cars and vehicles for years and decades. We offer these steel carports in FL with a wide range of options such as strong truss systems, double legs, double base rails, anchors (ground, asphalt, and mobile home), braces & certification codes. What this means is we have metal carports for every need in your city in Florida.

Carport Central has partnered up with top manufacturers to offer great prices for Florida Carports available for sale online. Scroll below to browse our industry’s best metal building catalog to order your carport in Florida and get it installed by experts now.

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Metal Carport Prices Florida

Metal Carport Prices in Florida are determined by Carport roof styles, Size (dimension) of your carport, and Thickness (gauge) of the metal used to build your car port. Good news for carport buyers in FL as you do not need to buy the most expensive metal structure to pursue quality carports.

The best metal carports in FL can be built with vertical roof style and 14/12 GA steel. Carport price is a good indication of quality, but it is not everything. If you are unsure of your carport requirements, talk to our building specialists. They will not only help you get the best metal structure in FLORIDA but also the great prices for metal carports in FL.

Metal Carports Prices West Florida (12' Wide - Updated)
A-Frame Roof StyleVertical Roof Style
Metal Carports Prices West Florida (18' Wide - Updated)
A-Frame Roof StyleVertical Roof Style
Metal Carports Prices West Florida (20' Wide - Updated)
A-Frame Roof StyleVertical Roof Style
Metal Carports Prices West Florida (22' Wide - Updated)
A-Frame Roof StyleVertical Roof Style
Metal Carports Prices West Florida (24' Wide - Updated)
A-Frame Roof StyleVertical Roof Style

Metal Carports in Florida are an excellent option to save your belongings and vehicles from the weather elements. While Florida is famously known as the Sunshine State, hurricanes, thunderstorms, cyclones, and twisters are very common in all parts of this state. Precipitation during the rainy season and extreme summer heat are the recipe to paint and interior damage.

To protect your car from ultraviolet rays and rain, get a FL carport – which are robust in built, easy to install and affordable metal structure that offer the most versatile and elegant solution for your sheltering and outdoor storage needs.

Florida Carports

Protect your car from harsh weather in Florida

Even in a sunny and warm state, such as Florida, getting a FL metal carport is an absolute necessity. It may seem like the weather in Florida is always perfect, however, even good weather can have hidden dirty tricks.

Extraordinary dry and hot weather in Florida can be quite damaging for cars and other equipment if you leave it without any covering.  Ultraviolet rays ruin car paint the same way they can damage human skin. It is better you keep your car in a shaded area to prevent the car paint from oxidizing and fading in the sun. By leaving the car inside a shelter, for example, under a Florida carport, you will also prevent the plastic and rubber parts from being melted. A car absorbs the radiated energy and heats up very quickly. To avoid that, savvy car owners in Florida keep their cars under a prefabricated carport.

Metal Carports are helpful during the rainy season in Florida, which can also bring unpleasant tries to car owners. The acids in the rain can cause the paint and even the metal exterior of the car to deteriorate over time. The action of these damaging elements is reinforced by UV rays if the car is left under the direct sunlight.

A Carport in Florida is going to help you keep your vehicle cleaner for a longer period of time. If you’re waxing and washing your car regularly, it is also a good idea to keep it in a shelter. A clean car that is stored in a safe, cool place with serve you longer.

Florida Carports turn parking lots & the vacant land on your property into revenue producing assets. Our FL carports truly enhance the value of your house and can be used for setting up a small business quickly without hefty investments. We offer many options and styles of Florida Carports:

  • Metal Carports in Florida
  • Steel Garages in Florida FL
  • Carports For Parking Garages
  • FL Carports For Apartment Complexes
  • FL Carports For Condo Complexes
  • FL Carports For Parking Lots
  • FL Carports For Gas Stations
  • FL Carports For Fueling Stations

In doubt? Contact service center and our professional agents will help you select the best Florida Carport. Request Free FL Carport Estimate

Buy a Carport in Florida

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to invest in a metal carport in Florida:

  • FL Carport will protect your vehicles, patio furniture and equipment from rain and damaging direct sunlight. It will keep your car cool in subtropical Florida climate
  • Carports in FL are easy to install and requires minimal maintenance
  • Steel Carports, FL are energy-efficient
  • Carport can serve multiple functions at once: it’s a storage shed and parking space, as well as a patio to have a barbeque party with friends

With many options available on the market, it is easy to get carried away. But you don’t need to continue searching – Carport Central has everything you need to select and customize a Florida carport that will serve you for many years. Our experts will walk you through the entire process of selecting and financing your metal carport in Florida.

Here’s what you need to know about selecting a metal carport in Florida:

  • Most counties in Florida require building permits to install a carports and other metal buildings – but this shouldn’t be a problem as Carport Central offers a wide selection of Florida certified carports.
  • FL Certified Carports are usually more reliable and sturdy as they meet local wind and rain load requirements.
  • You may choose an enclosed (utility) carport – a model that has one or two walls and attaches to a building or a standard carport to shelter your cars
  • All our carports in Florida come with a generous warranty. Enjoy a 10-year warranty against chips and cracks and 20-year warranty on our 12-gauge and 14-gauge steel frames.
  • Our Florida representatives will help you choose size of the carport, a type of roof, color, gauge type, certification, trim, panel, anchoring, etc.There are multiple financing options available. You can buy a carport right away or go for our FL Rent-to-Own Carport. Whatever your situation is, call us for details – our experts will walk you through the process of selecting your ideal carport in Florida.
  • Carport Delivery and Installation process is included with a purchase of Florida carport – you can have a carport ready in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Carports Installation Florida

Our Florida carport price list is applicable in entire state of Florida, which include:

Contact one of our customer service representatives today at +1 (980) 321-9898 to find out which carport or metal building might be right for you.

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