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Why Are Barndominiums So Popular?

With homeowners looking for more ways to express their personal taste, cookie-cutter homes just won’t do anymore! If you’re looking for a unique living space, it doesn’t get any better than a custom barndominium from Carport Central!

Barns aren’t just for storage or animal protection anymore! Now more and more people across the country are utilizing steel barns to live in. These barndominiums are popping up everywhere, and we do mean everywhere! The most popular regions for metal barndominium installation are in the southern and  western states like Texas, Wyoming, and Montana, but this trendy home option is picking up popularity across the entire county. You will not only find a barndominium for sale in Texas, but they are being built and are now on the market in several other states.

So, why barndominiums? People have found that a barndominium reduces living costs, they are quicker in construction than a traditional home, are extremely durable, and they honestly just look super stylish! No matter where you live, Carport Central can design a steel barndominium that you can proudly call home.

What Exactly is a Barndominium?

The term barndominium is pretty new to the real estate market, but it’s a trend that is here to stay. This barndominium, barn house, barndo, or whatever you like to call it, is essentially a barn that has been turned into a place to live. Now keep in mind, we aren’t talking about an old rustic wooden barn here. We are talking about a durable, tough metal structure that offers sleek modern features like plumbing, energy-efficient windows, foam insulation, 9-ft ceilings, can go taller for vault style ceilings, and more! Not only do barndominiums look great, but they can also be more affordable than a traditional wood-framed structure, and they require less maintenance too!

Why Should I Go with a Barndominium?

Are you looking for a large home or something a little smaller? No matter what size you’re searching for, we can help customize your prefab barndominium to fit all your needs. So, if you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city, design your own barndominium to get that rustic feel no matter where you live. 

Here are some benefits to consider:

  • You can build the exact home you want

When we say that you can completely customize your barndominium, we mean it! We can design your home to be the size you want to fit your property. So, whether you have a big family and need a large estate, or want to go with something small and cozy, we can help you out!

  • Extremely versatile

You can personalize your barn-style home to meet any layout you’re dreaming about. Need one side to be a living area and the other side to be a game room? How about a studio space for woodworking, carpentry, pottery, or other hobbies? That’s no problem at all! These barndominiums can also be used for restaurants, shops, bars, or even community centers. The possibilities are endless for how you can personalize this flexible space.

  • More cost-effective

The barndominium cost is another reason these homes are so popular. Believe it or not, it’s actually cheaper to build a barndominium from scratch than to construct a traditional home. Barndominium kits prices are even more affordable because you get a discount for installing the building on your own.

  • Durability

Rest assured, your barndominium won’t wear out over time. So, you get peace of mind knowing you’ve made a good investment. These sturdy steel buildings provide protection from the harshest weather conditions and are even known for withstanding earthquakes. You also won’t have to worry about barndominium houses getting termites or other pests, and it won’t rot either. So, you get a durable structure with less maintenance too!

  • Open design

Barn-style homes are honestly just beautiful. They have high ceilings, an uninterrupted flow of light and air, and give you a feeling of spaciousness. So, you’ll have so many design options to play with. You’ll be able to arrange your home décor however you like it without feeling cramped.

  • Easy to assemble

Barndominiums are simple to install. All the custom steel components are precision fabricated in a dedicated manufacturing facility ahead of time, which helps your barndo go up much faster.

Easily expandable

Want to expand or change your floor plan in the future? Not a problem! You’ll be able to add walls and space whenever you want to because of this flexible and open design. It’s much easier to add onto a steel structure than it is to a comparable stick-build.

Our Building Specialists will Help to Find Your Perfect & Custom Storage Solution

Why are Barndominiums Better than Traditional Homes?

The concept for a barndominium first originated in Texas, where ranchers built living quarters into their barns so they wouldn’t have to keep going outside to check on their horses during bad weather. But times have changed, and people have realized the many great advantages to metal barndominiums, making them a popular alternative to a traditional home.

Here are some reasons “barndominium builders near me” is becoming a popular term to search online instead of going for a conventional home.

  • Energy efficiency

Barndos can easily be insulated with spray insulation that’s done in one uniform layer. This type of insulation has a higher “R” value per thickness than traditional fiberglass insulation. This allows for more interior wall space that can be used by contractors increasing the efficiency of your barndominium.

  • Unique aesthetic

These homes are more appealing to someone who isn’t excited about a traditional looking home. That’s because these homes are anything but boring! You get the rustic aesthetic reminiscent of an old pole barn, but with the strength and durability of a steel structure. And you can keep the rustic charm going throughout the home or customize it to look more modern.

  • Flexible space

When it comes to how you design your barndominium on the inside, the possibilities really are endless. This flexible space allows the homeowner to place a wall wherever they please. So, you can add a workshop or barn space to the structure and make the rest of the interior look like a traditional home. Or you can add plush carpeting, marble countertops, and gorgeous light fixtures to create a large modern space that is solely for residential purposes.

  • Exterior Options

One of the biggest differences between a barndo and a traditional home is the look. That’s because barndominiums are intended to look like a barn. You can add a number of finishes to the exterior of your barndominium to make it look as much like a barn as you would like, or you can stray away from the traditional barn look and give it your own personal touches.

Popular Barndominium Sizes

Do you want your barndominium to be completely residential, or do you want to add storage for your farm equipment? No matter what you’re looking for in your barndominium, we can make it happen. Our expert building specialists will help you select floor layouts, your roof pitch, window and door placements, and more.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular barndominium sizes:

30x40 Barndominium
30×40 Barndominium
  • 30×40 Barndominium

This is a great option for homeowners that want a customized living space. A 30×40 barndominium offers 1200 square feet of usable interior space. It’s the perfect barndominium plan if you’re looking for a two-bedroom home.

40x60 Barndominium
40×60 Barndominium
  • 40×60 Barndominium

If you’re looking for a three-bedroom home plan that you can completely customize, then the 40×60 barndominium plan is for you! This floor plan offers 2400 square feet of fully-customizable living space.

40x75 Barndominium
40×75 Barndominium
  • 40×75 Barndominium

This is a really popular choice for residential applications because it’s the perfect size for multipurpose uses. You can even customize your plan to have a structural overhang that can be used for a covered patio for outdoor entertaining or as a covered area to park your vehicles.

60x60 Barndominium
60×60 Barndominium
  • 60×60 Barndominium

This is one of the larger barndominium designs. The space can provide enough room for several bedrooms as well as storage for your vehicles or farm equipment. You can even choose a plan that will include a second story living space or a vaulted entryway.

60x70 Barndominium
60×70 Barndominium
  • 60×70 Barndominium

Need four or more bedrooms? How about a living space with a multiple car garage or a workshop space? This barndominium plan offers 4200 square feet of completely customizable interior space. So, that’s a lot of space for a lot of possibilities!

The Exact Barndominium You Want!

When we say our barndominiums are completely customizable, we mean it! From the size, color, certifications, and more, you can design the exact barndo that you’ve been dreaming about.

Here’s a look at our customization options:

  • Size

You pick the size you need for your barndominium to be, and we will work with you to design your perfect barndominium plans with cost-effective solutions.

  • Doors & Windows

What type of doors do you want for your barndominium, and where do you want them to be placed? You let us know the type of doors you want and where you want them, and we will design them into the plan. And don’t forget to add plenty of windows for natural light.

  • Anchors

Choose your anchors to keep your barndo grounded. We offer mobile home anchors, rebar anchors, concrete anchors, and gravel anchors to keep your barndominium secure during rough weather.

  • Gauges

14-gauge is a standard for steel gauges, but you can choose a thicker 12-gauge if you want something sturdier. We also offer different roof panel options. You can choose between a 29-gauge paneling and a sturdier 26-gauge.

  • Certifications

We offer certifications that provide you with the peace of mind that your steel barndominium is engineered to withstand the designated wind and snow loads in your area.

  • Colors

Pick out the different colors for your trim, side panels, and roof. You’ll be able to select the color and preview your choices before you make the final decision.

So, How Much Does a Barndominium Cost?

It’s hard to determine the exact cost for your barndominium without knowing your location, the customizations you plan on adding, the size of the building you are going with, and more. But, to give you a ballpark figure, a standard barndominium can start as low as $40 per square foot and go up to $125 per square foot, or even higher. The average cost for a 2,000 square foot barndominium is about $220,000. The best way to determine your price is to give our expert building specialists at Carport Central a call at (980) 255-3704. They can walk you through the options to help determine the exact cost for the metal building you are thinking about.

We Offer Barndominium Kits, too!

Do you consider yourself pretty handy? Well, then we have the ultimate DIY project for you! At Carport Central, we offer barndominium kits. If you go with one of these kits, you can install your building on your own time and save a little money too.

With our barndominium kits, you still get to completely customize your building. Everything will be pre-measured, pre-cut, and pre-drilled for simple installation. We include all the components you’ll need for putting it all together. So, all you need are some tools and the time to put your barndominium kit together.

Site Preparation is the Key for a Successful Installation

We provide you with a quality metal structure, now it’s your turn to do your part to provide us with a quality area to install it on. A poorly prepared site can quickly turn into a nightmare for your installation crews. So, make sure you do the nitty-gritty groundwork to pave the way for a successful installation.

  • Remove all trees, stumps, vegetation, and any large rocks.
  • Use an excavator to remove the topsoil.
  • You may need to fill dirt to create a solid foundation bed that would shift over time.
  • Use a grader to smooth and level the area.

Do You Need a Building Permit for Your Barndominium?

Picture this, you’ve designed the barndo of your dreams, and you have it installed, only to find out that you needed a building permit all along, so you are forced to take your new home down. Or maybe you’re forced to pay a big fine. Either way, that would be a nightmare, right? That’s why it’s important to make sure you get all the proper permits you need before installation day.

First things first, contact your local building department or visit your local municipal office to check your zoning and  ordinance requirements.

If you need a building permit, then you’ll have to go through the application process, which is pretty straightforward. You will need to give full details about the structure that’s going up along with any structural or site  plans that may be required.

This process can take some time, not to mention if you plan on putting up a high-occupancy structure like a church or retail store, you may face an extended permitting process. So, make sure you give yourself enough time to get the permit before installation day.

A Barndominium You Can Afford!

When you design your dream barndominium, you don’t want anything to stand in the way of making that dream a reality. We understand that everyone has different financial situations. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to get the metal building you’ve been wanting at a price you can afford.

Here are the two simple financing options we offer at Carport Central:

  • Rent-To-Own

Our rent-to-own program isn’t just for people who can’t afford the full price upfront, this is also a great choice for anyone that wants payment options or has a limited amount of funds. With our easy rent-to-own program, you won’t have to worry about a credit check, you will get approved within minutes, and you can set up easy monthly payments that won’t be penalized if they are paid off early.

  • Metal Building Financing

Carport Central partners with several financial companies throughout the United States to offer hassle-free financing. Our current partners include Allegacy, GreenSky, and United Credit. Our financing options are quick, stress-free, and come without any hidden fees. And if that wasn’t enough, if your financial situation changes, you can pay off your barndominium loan before the contract is up without having to worry about any penalties.

Other Popular Steel Buildings Apart from Barndominiums

If you’re looking for the ultimate protection for your family, it doesn’t get any tougher than a steel building from Carport Central. Not only are steel buildings and barndominiums a unique design solution, but they are also efficient, durable, and safe.

Here’s a look at our other steel building structures that are popular throughout the country:

  1. Metal Building Homes

Metal building homes are popping up all over the place. To be honest, you may live near one and not even realize it’s steel because there have been so many advancements made to the exterior and interior design of these buildings. These are great home options for those looking for a greener, more cost-efficient home. Not only are steel building homes more economical to build, but they also cost less to maintain. And these houses are tough. Steel is highly durable, even under the most extreme weather conditions.

  1. Metal Barns with Living Quarters

You don’t have to go full “barndominium” to live in a barn. We offer customized metal barn plans that include a living quarter. You’ll see this type of barndominium for sale in Texas and other Western states, but this popular design is growing due to its flexible style that is designed for your exact needs. With this affordable housing option, you won’t have to worry about the costs of purchasing and maintaining a traditional home.

  1. Storage Buildings with Living Quarters

This is an extremely versatile housing option. You can use the storage building to protect your farm equipment, boat, RV, or whatever you need to keep out of the harsh weather. Meanwhile, you’ll also have an extra living space that you can use as a guesthouse for family and friends. It’s an affordable way to get both the extra storage space and extra living space that you need.

Looking for a Perfect Barndominium? Contact Us Today!

Barndominiums are a new home trend that is not going away anytime soon! While wood-framed homes are still popular in America, there are honestly just so many advantages to owning a metal barndominium. These structures are made out of the strongest materials with a flexible design at a price you can afford. Let us help you get started on your barndominium journey! At Carport Central, we turn your barndominium ideas into a reality! Give us a call today at (980) 321-9898!

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