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30x40 Storage Building

Here at Carport Central, we have steel buildings available for most any purpose you could imagine. Whether you’re looking for a parking garage, an RV cover, a new office for your growing business, a clinic for your practice, or a simple storage unit, you can do it all! But if you’re in need of a structure that can fulfill multiple purposes at once, our versatile 30×40 metal storage buildings might just be the solution you need.

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Why You Should Invest In a 30×40 Metal Storage Building

While most people assume the only advantage to investing in a 30×40 metal storage building is their large interior space, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Unlike its traditional counterparts, steel has a large variety of benefits that could change your entire perspective on what it can do. Take a look at some of the many reasons you should choose steel over other available building materials.

  • You can customize the structure to your exact specifications.
  • The unit will adapt to your ever-changing needs.
  • They require very little maintenance throughout the years.
  • Steel structures are built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

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Multi-Purpose 30x40 Storage Building

Numerous Applications for a 30×40 Storage Building

This type of unit has been designed with dimensions that allow you to park your vehicles or store your equipment while leaving plenty of room for storage. Don’t let your doubts get in the way of you finally getting the storage space you need.

We know what you’re probably thinking – “I don’t need a building that big. It’s just too much!” But before you start to look elsewhere for your storage solution, there’s something you should think about first. Your needs are constantly changing; what you need today will be completely different five years from now. And with your needs consistently changing, you’ll need a building that’s versatile enough to fulfill them all. Our 30×40 steel storage buildings not only provide a generous amount of interior space for you to take advantage of, but their flexibility also allows them to adapt. While typically customers have utilized these structures as a parking garage for three vehicles or their equipment, their usable storage space allows you to go beyond what you need to park your vehicles comfortably.

  • Office Space
  • Workshop
  • Storage Unit
  • Equipment Storage
  • Animal Shelter

It’s Fully Customizable!

Not only can you design the metal building of your dreams here at Carport Central, but you can also customize it to your exact specifications with our signature 3D Building Estimator. This online tool gives you the power to create your ideal storage building and make it a reality all from your computer screen! You can choose from our large collection of customization items, a few of them we have listed here below:

  • Roof Styles (Regular, A-frame Horizontal, Vertical)
  • Colors (Standard and Premium)
  • Foundations (Soil, Gravel, Asphalt, or Concrete)
  • Size Dimensions (Standard or Custom)
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • And many more!

How Much Does a 30×40 Storage Building Cost?

Despite the popular belief that steel structures are far too expensive of an investment, they’re much more affordable in the long run than those made out of other materials. But before you can get a final price, there are several factors we have to take into consideration first, including the size dimensions of your unit, its specifications, install location, manufacturer, and certification. And before you commit to spending a significant amount of your hard-earned money on a custom metal building, there several factors you should also take into consideration, including both your budget and your needs.

In addition to our fair prices, we also offer two of the best rent-to-own and financing programs available in the metal building industry. You can find more information about these programs on our website or you can reach out to your building specialist to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of drawings will come with my 30×40 storage building?
  • There are two kinds of drawings available for your building, including generic and site specific. Site specific plans must be paid for, so it’s important that you let your building specialist know you are looking to order drawings as well.

  • How is the building delivered?
  • Once the manufacturing facility is finished with your building, one of their crews will deliver the unit to your property. Depending on the size and specifics of your structure, it could take as little as a few days, to as much as a few weeks to have your structure delivered. If at any time you are concerned with delivery, you can call your manufacturer for an updated delivery time.

  • Can I finance my 30×40 storage building?
  • There are finance options available at Carport Central. After the specifics of your building has been decided and you have a final price, you can speak with your building specialist about the available financing and rent-to-own options.

  • Will I need to get a permit for my 30×40 storage building?
  • If you aren’t too sure about permits, you’ll need to ask your building specialist if your building requires a certification first. From there, you’ll need to contact your local building department for more information about obtaining required permits.

  • What type of warranty comes with 30×40 storage building?
  • We offer a one-year workmanship warranty, ten-year panel warranty for cracking and chipping, and a twenty-year rust-through warranty for steel framing with all our products.

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