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20x20 Metal Building

Have you outgrown your current workspace? Maybe you’ve recently invested in a new vehicle for your spouse? No matter what your reasons may be, we respect them here at Carport Central. And with one of our 20×20 steel buildings, we guarantee those needs will be met. This unique style structure is designed to house two vehicles comfortably, in addition to other purposes.

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Advantages of Investing in a Custom 20×20 Metal Structure

In addition to being a versatile structure that can fulfill a variety of residential, agricultural and commercial needs, there are several benefits you stand to gain by investing in a 20×20 custom building. Not only will they adapt to your ever-changing needs, but they’ll provide you with peace of mind for years to come knowing your property will be safe and secure. A few of the other benefits include their longevity, durability, reliability and most important, affordability.

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Multi-Purpose 20x20 Metal Building

Numerous Applications of a 20×20 Metal Building

As mentioned before, there are several applications that can be fulfilled by one of these unique structures. No matter if they’re personal, residential, agricultural or commercial, a custom 20×20 steel building can accommodate any need you have. We’ve listed several of them here below, but feel free to contact us with any ideas you have!

  • Two Car Parking Area
  • Outdoor Work Area
  • Art Studio
  • Animal Shelter
  • Mom Cave or Man Cave

Customize Them to Your Specifications

Another great feature about our prefab 20×20 steel buildings is their customizable components. No matter how detailed or simple your ideal storage solution may be, you can choose from our variety of customization options to create your ideal metal building. A few of these customizations include, but are not limited to, the items listed below:

  • Roof Styles
  • Colors
  • Size Dimensions
  • Anchoring Systems
  • Trim

With our online 3D Building Estimator, you can choose your preferred features from the list above and various other customizations from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, you won’t even have to leave your couch! This online tool has a 3D model that will display the features as they’re selected, showing an example of what your building will look like once installed.

How Much Does a 20×20 Metal Building Cost?

When it comes to the price of your structure, there are a few factors that must be taken into consideration to finalize the cost of the unit. Its size dimensions, added customization options, install location, certification and manufacturer will all be considered. While it may seem overwhelming at first, there’s no need to worry. There are two rent-to-own and financing programs offered here at Carport Central, each of them offered by various financing partners across the nation. You can find more information about these services on our website or you can contact one of our building representatives today at +1 (980) 321-9898.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I prepare my site for a 20×20 metal building?
    After you’ve chosen an installation site that offers plenty of space for your structure, there are a few preparations you’ll need to complete first. The site must be cleared of all trees, stumps, vegetation and other debris before it can be leveled. After the surface is completely level, you’ll need to have a foundation set and ready for the building. If you have any questions or concerns, one of our building specialists will be more than happy to help you.
  • What if I want to insulate my metal building?
    There are several insulation options you can choose from here at Carport Central. You’ll need to contact your building specialist in regard to questions about insulating your structure.
  • How do I place the order for my 20×20 steel building?
    You can submit your order through our 3D Estimator after you’ve completed the design and layout of your building or you can complete the process with one of our building specialists over the phone. You can also visit us at our main office to finish your order face-to-face.
  • How long will it take for my 20×20 metal building to be delivered?
    After the order is complete and the required payments have been made, the paperwork will be sent to the manufacturer. From there, the lead time for the delivery and installation of your structure will begin. This can range from 4 to 6 weeks or longer, depending on the location of your install site and the weather conditions in your area.
  • Can I put the building up myself?
    This is possible, but in order to do so you’ll need to purchase a metal building kit. These kits are very similar to our standard metal buildings; however, when purchased, they will come with drawings so you can install the structure correctly. We recommend having someone help with the installation to avoid any problems.
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