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60x80 Metal Building

The 60×80 metal buildings we have to offer here at Carport Central are the perfect combination of both quality and functionality. With the finest, heavy-duty steel framing and outstanding workmanship, there’s no better investment to make than a 60’W x 80’L steel structure from Carport Central.

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Why You Should Invest In a 60×80 Metal Building

In addition to being one of our most functional building styles at Get Carports, our 60’W x 80’L steel structures are also one of the most durable storage options offered in the metal building industry. But before you invest your hard-earned money into one of these buildings, you should know exactly what you’ll be investing in.

60×80 metal buildings are…

  • Strong
  • Versatile
  • Fully Customizable
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easy to Install
  • Long Lasting
  • And so much more!

Top Selling Metal Buildings

60x51x14 Garage with Lean-To
60x51x14 Garage with Lean-To
Starting at : $75,832.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Financing & RTO Available
Sku No : 605114GWLT
60x51x14 Garage with Lean-To
Starting at: $75,832.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Width 60
Length 50
Height 14
This 60’ x 51’ Metal Garage features 14’ leg height, 12x12 roll up door, 36”x80” walk in door, Windows and a vertical roof.
60×70 Commercial Building
60×70 Commercial Building
Starting at : $87,579.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Financing & RTO Available
Sku No : AVCMB607014
60×70 Commercial Building
Starting at: $87,579.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Width 60
Length 70
Height 14
This 60’W x 70’L x 14’H commercial building that has been certified for 140mph winds and 30psf.
60×60 Metal Building
60×60 Metal Building
Starting at : $92,788.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Financing & RTO Available
Sku No : AVMB606014
60×60 Metal Building
Starting at: $92,788.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Width 60
Length 60
Height 14
This 60’W x 60’L x 14’H unit is a fully-enclosed garage with all-vertical paneling. It features four 10’x10′ garage doors, two 36″x80″ walk-in door frame-outs, and single bubble insulation. You can use this structure for sheltering your larger vehicles and equipment from the elements or convert it into a hobby shop, music studio, additional housing, office spaces, and so much more.
60×61 Commercial Building
60×61 Commercial Building
Starting at : $104,668.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Financing & RTO Available
Sku No : AVC606114
60×61 Commercial Building
Starting at: $104,668.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Width 60
Length 61
Height 14
Weather Proof Commercial Building
60×100 Prefab Metal Building
60×100 Prefab Metal Building
Starting at : $126,092.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Financing & RTO Available
Sku No : AVDG6010016
60×100 Prefab Metal Building
Starting at: $126,092.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Width 60
Length 100
Height 16
All Vertical Deluxe Enclosed Building
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Multi-Purpose 60x80 Metal Building

Numerous Applications of a 60×80 Metal Building

Despite popular belief that prefab metal buildings of this dimension can only be used for commercial and industrial purposes, they can be utilized for a variety of valuable purposes. Take a look below for some creative ideas on how to take advantage of one of our 60’x80’ units.

  • Veterinary Clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Riding Arena
  • Production Facility
  • Heavy Equipment Shelter

It’s Customizable!

Unlike other companies in the metal building industry, we give you full control over the design and layout of your metal building here at Get Carports. With a unique, online 3D Building Configurator, you can customize every aspect of your unit from the comfort of your very home. Choose from our collection of standard and premium colors, three roof styles, size dimensions, windows, doors, and many other features to add the perfect final touch to your custom steel structure.

How Much Does a 60×80 Metal Building Cost?

The pricing of your steel building will be affected by several factors, including the style of your structure, its size dimensions (width, length, height), added customization options, install location, and certification. Of course, our 60’x80’ metal buildings will be slightly more than our other structures since they are a larger storage solution. But we also offer two of the best rent-to-own and financing programs available in the metal building industry. You can find more information about these flexible payment programs on our website or you can call our sales department to speak with a building specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are prefab metal buildings?
  • Unlike structures that have been made with other materials, our prefab metal buildings are designed and engineered with pre-cut and pre-drilled steel components. They are a much stronger, durable option for most any need you may have.

  • What kind of foundation is required for 60×80 metal building?
  • The foundation you install your 60×80 metal building on depends on the type of structure you invest in, how you plan to use the unit, your budget, and where it will be installed. We highly recommend concrete foundations, but it is completely up to you.

  • What if I want to insulate my 60×80 metal building?
  • If you wish to insulate your 60’W x 80’L metal building, there are several insulation types to choose from. This will depend on how much you wish to spend and what the structure will be used for. Insulation will increase the overall price of your metal building.

  • How will I obtain a building permit for my 60×80 metal building?
  • All building permits are based on the requirements of your local building department. It is your responsibility as the customer to obtain all information regarding permits and building codes. If you do not obtain the permits required by your county, you may be required to take the structure down and start from the beginning.

  • Do you supply the anchor bolts for attaching the frame to the foundation?
  • We supply the anchors for all installations, except for lag bolts.

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