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Vertical Roof Barns

When people think of barns, the first thing that usually pops into their minds are tractors, hay, or animals. For the most part, these are still true; however, the range of agricultural needs increases daily. Farmers grow the crops we use to feed our families, and they also raise the livestock we use for meat. Farmers matter! Carport Central understands the role of a farmer and their need for a sturdy, reliable barn that can shelter their equipment, house their livestock, and store their feed.

Our fully-customizable metal barns are the perfect solution for all these needs, and much more. One of the first, and most important, steps taken during this process is choosing the perfect roof style. Our vertical roof style is the most dependable and strongest choice offered at Carport Central, and it is also our most popular option. If you reside in an area that is prone to high winds and heavy precipitation, this roof type is highly-recommended for you. The vertical panels easily channel any rain, snow, leaves, and other debris off the roof and away from the base of the building. This roof provides peace of mind for customers who worry about flooding or about their barn caving in on their livestock.

Features of Raised Center Aisle Barns

Our metal barns come with a wider variety of customization options than any of our other steel buildings. We have provided a list below of some customization options offered at Carport Central:

  • Up to 18 color options available (varies by location), free of charge.
  • There is also a two-tone (wainscot) deluxe color package available.
  • Three roof styles: regular, A-frame, and vertical.
    • Regular roofs are the most economical and affordable option out of the three. The horizontal paneling and rounded edges resemble that of a barn, and while it does provide reliable protection, it’s not recommended for areas that experience extreme weather.
    • The A-frame roof is similar to the vertical, the framing and paneling being the only difference. Rather than vertical panels, this style has horizontal-oriented paneling. It is recommended for areas that may experience some higher winds or heavier precipitation rates.
  • Garage doors and frame-outs are available for all structures.

For more information on these customizations, and those not mentioned above, call +1 (980) 321-9898 to speak with a building specialist.

Uses for Vertical Roof Barns

Housing livestock, storing feed, and sheltering equipment are the most common uses for a barn, but there are countless possibilities. Poultry farmers can easily convert a raised center aisle barn into a chicken house, or dairy farmers can use it as a dairy production facility.

If you’re a horse owner, you understand the importance of having a proper housing unit for your equine. Our metal barns offer a generous amount of interior space, perfect for placing stables along the inner walls, as well as designating a tack room for riding equipment.

Investing in a metal barn is a big step, we understand that. You want everything to be absolutely perfect, especially since you are making a significant investment. If you aren’t sure about your requirements, one of our building specialists can assist you throughout the designing process.

Size and Price for Seneca Barn Buildings

Metal barn prices vary based on location, the chosen customization options, the dimensions of your building, and the manufacturer. We partner with more than 20 local manufacturers across the country, having an individual pricing sheet from each one. To finalize the price of your metal barn, we take all factors into consideration, using the chosen manufacturer’s pricing sheet.

To obtain drawings of your custom metal barn and an estimate, you will need to speak with a building specialist about your needs and budget.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Barn

Using your hard-earned money to invest in a custom metal structure is a big step for anyone, and you want to make sure you get everything you want. Here at Carport Central, we assure our customers they will always find their dream structure; however, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Having the right site for installation is a very important step in the process. Some areas have building codes that require a building permit before you can install a structure on your land. If you must have a building permit, please remember to inform your building specialist.
  • What is a certified building? Certified structures have been designed by an engineer to meet local wind and snow ratings. Some local ordinances, depending on your location and normal weather conditions, require you to certify your structure.
  • Once you have obtained any required permits or certifications, you must ensure you have a LEVEL site. If our crew arrives on the day of delivery and your site is not level, you may need to reschedule, and a return-trip fee will be charged to your remaining balance.
  • Can our crew reach the installation? If there is more than a 50-foot difference between the delivery truck and site, additional labor fees may be charged.

Why Should You Choose Carport Central?

We prioritize our customers above all else at Carport Central. We have a passion and drive to fulfill all your material needs, and our building specialists are always ready to answer any questions you may have. Not only do we provide our customers with a wide variety of buildings and customization options to choose from, but we have great prices, too! No matter your need or budget, we will always find the perfect building for you. Oh, and did we mention delivery and installation included? On top of that, we also offer rent-to-own and financing programs for our customers who cannot afford the full price upfront. If you’re in need of a stable, affordable, long-lasting product, call us today at +1 (980) 321-9898 to speak with one of our friendly building specialists. We would love to help you!

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