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Garden Sheds

Growing up in America, many of us have memories of a familiar fixture in the backyard: the garden shed. For many it was a small, wooden barn in various stages of decay. For others (like me), it was a creaky aluminum shed with sliding doors that were nearly impossible to open.

I remember my dad sending me out to fetch items from The Shed for him. A hoe. A shovel. A garden hose. Some random yard ornaments. But fetching something from The Shed wasn’t usually an adventure to relish; it was usually more of an unpleasant challenge to have to endure. If I was even able to summon the strength to open those cursed doors – which, once open, then had a knack for falling off the track – I then had to be wary of spiders and snakes and contrived monsters of my imagination. The shed wasn’t very well-built, and there were several cracks and holes where critters could gain entrance. In a word, I dreaded that shed.

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