A-Frame Roof RV Covers

A-frame Roof RV Covers are covered metal structures with horizontal-oriented paneling designed to provide reliable protection for your RV from wind and water. They are multi-functional and have flexible designs that adapt to your needs. We offer A-frame Roof RV Covers starting at 12’W x 21’L to keep your home-on-the-road in perfect condition.

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14’ x 41’ x 14’ Connected RV Covers
14’ x 41’ x 14’ Connected RV Covers
Starting at : $40,120.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Financing Available
Sku No : 144114CRVC
14’ x 41’ x 14’ Connected RV Covers
Starting at: $40,120.00
(*Price varies by state and location)
Width 14
Length 41
Height 14
This 14’ x 41’ custom RV structure features, 14’leg height, side close, and a A-frame roof.

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A-frame Roof RV Covers

At Carport Central, we understand that when you aren’t out on the road, you want your home-on-the-road to have the best possible protection. Our A-frame (boxed-eave) RV covers are an affordable, reliable option we provide for our customers. With horizontal-oriented paneling, this roof type is recommended for areas that may experience moderate winds, but do not receive heavy rains or snow.

When folks come to us for a custom metal structure, more often than not they want their new building to blend in with the look of their home or other existing structures. Homeowners don’t need to worry about compromising their style, as our boxed-eave metal RV covers can be designed to blend seamlessly with their surroundings. On top of that, this metal carport style is multi-functional and will add value to your property once assembled. Another advantage an A-frame roof holds over a vertical or regular roof is the ability to slow down water. The horizontal pattern across the roof helps slow the flow of runoff, minimizing the chances of flooding around the metal cover.

Benefits of A-frame Metal Carports

We understand that owning an RV or camper is a big investment, and we know you want to provide it with the best protection. The boxed-eave RV covers offered at Carport Central provide reliable protection, and so much more! These metal carports are engineered with flexible designs, allowing them to adapt to your ever-changing needs and requirements.

Your future needs should be taken into consideration when planning for your A-frame metal RV carport. You may choose to modify or upgrade your RV or camper a few years down the road; if so, you’ll want a metal RV cover that allows the flexibility for this upgrade.

Boxed-Eave Metal RV Carports Features

Roof Styles – We offer three roof styles at Carport Central: Regular, A-frame (boxed-eave), and vertical.

  • Our regular roofs are the most economical style offered. With horizontal panels, this type is recommended for customers who live in areas that experience moderate weather conditions.
  • If you live in an area that has high winds and heavy precipitation, the vertical roof is the best solution for you. It is designed with vertical panels, ridge caps, and a hat channel.

Colors – Depending on your location and manufacturer, we have up to 18 color options available, free of charge. We also provide the option for our two-tone (wainscot) deluxe package.

Dimensions – Choosing the size of your new RV cover is a crucial step to the design process. Taking the size of your RV or camper into consideration, you can decide the length, width, and height of your carport.

Paneling – You can choose to fully-enclose your new boxed-eave RV cover, having a garage door or frame-out installed for your home-on-the-road. Or you if you prefer, you can add panels on the sides and/or ends for extra protection.

These options are only a select few from our wide variety of customizations. If you would like more information, just call to speak with one of our friendly building specialists.

Advantages of Steel Structures

Steel structures are superior to stick-builds or those made from other materials for reasons beyond the purchase price:

  • DurableSteel buildings are not susceptible to the same rot, water damage, cracking, or critter infestations as wooden structures. They can stand up to harsh weather elements including heavy winds, heavy rains, and accumulating snow. The metal paneling can be coated with aluminum compounds to stand against rust, prolonging the life of the panels.
  • Low-Maintenance – Metal is an easy material to clean and requires less maintenance than wood. And because the color is infused into the metal during manufacturing, you won’t have the same worries about having to repaint your structure.
  • Customizable – The versatility of a metal structure allows for clear-span interior space and more complex designs. They are much easier to expand as well, growing with your needs.

Sizes and Prices

Along with the chosen manufacturer, installation location, and added features, the size of your A-frame roof RV cover plays a crucial part in finalizing the price of your structure. Our local manufacturers provide us with individual pricing sheets that we use to price our structures. Once we have all the information required, we use the specific pricing sheet to help figure your price.

The boxed-eave RV covers are engineered with flexible designs, allowing you to customize them to your requirements. Our standard size starts at 12’W x 21’L with a base price of $1,200; however, you can customize the dimensions to meet your needs. We do inform our customers that any A-frame roof style structure over 36’ long will have a seam in the roof, which may impact the chances of leaks down the road.

Site Prep Checklist

  1. Clear the area of any debris or vegetation
  2. Site MUST be level – our crew cannot install if your foundation is unlevel
  3. Our installation crew must be able to access your install site – if there is more than a 50-foot difference between the site and the delivery truck, you may be charged additional service fees


We provide our customers with delivery and installation included when they purchase a steel structure from us. The manufacturer will contact you to schedule a delivery date and time. If our team arrives and your site is not level, you will be required to reschedule and pay a return-trip fee. If there is a possibility that our crew can level the site, they can do so for additional labor charges.

Why Choose Carport Central?

Here at Carport Central, we prioritize customers above all else. Not only do we provide a wide variety of customizable products, but we also offer exceptional prices. Our goal is to form relationships that last beyond the initial purchase; we’ll walk you through the whole process, and we’ll be here after the sale, too. If you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to call one of our building specialists today at (980) 321-9898.

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