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Welcome to Carport Central's New Rent-To-Own Garages Program!


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Month-to-Month Contract

Payoff Any Time

You can convert your rental into a purchase at anytime

Store your stuff only steps away from the house

It beats having to drive across town to access a public storage unit.

More Than Just Storage

use it also as a workshop, hobby house, garden shed, etc...

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Rent to Own Garages Are Convenient and Affordable

Have you often looked out at your valuable possessions like your cars or boat or even your essential business equipment, sitting exposed to the harsh elements. It makes you think about how badly you need a garage to house all those belongings that you spent your hard earned money on yet could not afford to build one? The solution is quick and simple and that’s a rent-to-own garage.

The Purpose of the Rent-To-Own Garage

Carport Central, an industry leader with years of experience in the manufacture of quality Carports, metal & steel buildings, and garages, has a garage with RTO program that is designed with people just like you in mind.

The Carport Central Rent-To-Own Garage program is intended to assist those who truly need and want a garage for whatever purpose. Rent-To-Own garages are ideal for safely housing farm and non-farm equipment while making them easily accessible. Or, for that awesome bass boat that you need to store in the winter months. Then for the most basic reason, you simply want to get your automobiles out of the elements.

Garage Shopping Made Easy

Regardless of why you need a garage, the fact remains that you need one and need it now. You cannot afford to wait any longer, but unfortunately you do not have the required funds to build one at the present time. This makes the garages with RTO program the perfect solution.

That is where the Carport Central Rent-To-Own Garage program comes into play.

Rent-To-Own Garages are quite simply garage shopping made easy. You pick the size and style of the garage that you want from the extensive selection of Garages at Carport Central. Then just sign the open style month to month contract and you are good to go!

The Rent-To- Own Garage Open Contract

What does “open” contract mean? It means that if you decide that you can afford to pay off your garage before the end of the Rent-To-Own contract is fulfilled, Carport Central will impose absolutely no penalty for paying out the amount owing early.

This may seem like a no-brainer to many but the fact is that many, many companies who provide similar financial services to customers actually penalize their customers with a fee or a portion of the interest. This is if they choose to pay off the loan before the end of the term. Not so with Carports Central and the Rent-To-Own Garage deal.

Rent-To Own Garages are Affordable for Everyone

The Rent-To-Own Garages from Carport Central is a way for everyone who wants or needs a garage to get one regardless of where they are financially. Carport Central understands fully that not everyone has the funds to build the garage they need at the time they need it so they have simplified the process with the garages with RTO program and made it as easy as possible for anyone to take advantage of their incredible products.

Carport Central values the time of their clients and this is another reason the Rent-To-Own Garage program is so valuable because it is a quick and easy process for those that have a need for what our Garages have to offer. Our Company does not carry out long and drawn out credit checks for the customers interested in their spectacular garages and steel and metal buildings. We even offer same day approval for a speedy decision rather than have their valued customers wait days and days for an answer. Plus the rent-to-own garages prices are most reasonable.

Carport Central Builds Lasting Relationships

This proves once again that the management of Carport Central are more interested in building lasting relationships with their customers than they are in making a quick buck off of a single sale. We would much rather have you as a customer who will come back time and again for all your outbuilding needs in the future.

Great Rent-To-Own Garages Selections

The garages with RTO are not limited to certain choices either. The rent-to-own prices make it easy for everyone to be able to choose the garage of their choice. Many companies that offer similar type programs have a tendency to be very restrictive and limited in what they offer with their Rent-To-Own programs. Here at Carport Central we make every effort to include more options and choices that are available within our program

Speaking of choices! Carport Central has a garage for just about every style and budget requirement. With the low rent-to-own garage prices there is no reason why anyone cannot enjoy what these garages have to offer.

The choices you get from Carport Central are simply incredible!

Customizing Your Rent-To-Own Garage

The opportunities to customize your garage to fit your specs are truly endless. Maybe you require a single roll up door with no additional entry door, no problem!

Maybe you need a double roll up door AND a side entry door for accessibility, again, no problem! You choose what works best for you and Carport Central will find a way make it happen. You get to put your valuable possessions under lock and key every night!

There has never been a program that gives you the freedom you get from the Carport Central Rent-To-Own Garages. or those that rent-to-own prices as reasonable as those that are offered by Carport Central.

Rent-To-Own Garage Competitive Pricing

The Rent-To-Own Garage prices are competitive and give you the peace of mind knowing that you paid the best possible price for the expert design. You are also getting a rent-to-own garage that is comprised of the highest grade materials which goes into every single garage that Carport Central makes and distributes.

The reason Carport Central has enjoyed so much success is because we build a quality product with the finest materials, we price that product competitively and more importantly, we stand behind every single building we construct with one of the best warranties in the business.

There has never been a better time to get the garage that you have been wanting for so long, call Carport Central today and get a full view of just how the Rent-To-Own Garage program can work for you.

Our knowledgeable and courteous staff will make sure that you know everything that you need to know to make a full and informed decision on what is a major purchase for most.

Carport Central just makes the building buying entire process so much easier!  

Just fill out a simple form and enjoy the benefits of Carport Central's New RTO program

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