White Barns

Dark red has been a popular barn color for many generations. In fact, if we were to ask you to picture a traditional farm barn in your mind right now, chances are very good that the color of a barn that would enter your mind would probably be red. Red is such a well-known color for barns, in fact, that barn red has become well established as its own signature color for all sorts of painting and coloring purposes beyond just barns.

So, how did red become a default color for barns, you ask? Much of it has to do with availability and cost. In the older days, farmers had to create their own barn paint. Dairy farmers would usually just mix iron oxide with the milk their cows produced to coat their barns, and the iron oxide would give the paint that familiar red tint. Later, once barn paint was more readily available for purchase, red was the cheapest color you could buy. And since farmers weren’t looking to spend any more than necessary on paint for their barns, the barn red tradition continued.

But what if we told you that barn red isn’t the only traditional barn color? You’ve more than likely seen some white barns, too. So, how did white become a second established color for American barns? Keep reading to learn more!

White Barns
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How Did White Become a Popular Barn Color?

White became popular for farmhouses first. Many rural homeowners would whitewash their houses with white paint that had lime as a primary ingredient. Lime did a good job of offering many advantageous properties, including being a natural disinfectant, odor disguiser, and insect repellent. Lime came in particularly handy for those residing in warm & humid climates too, as it served to help inhibit mold and mildew growth. And because this white lime paint was plentifully available, many farmers would just choose to use the same paint to cover their barns.

With the arrival of the Cold War years, white became an even more popular exterior paint color across the U.S. for political reasons. Senator McCarthy’s anti-communist campaign featured the slogan, “If it’s red, it’s dead” – the Soviet Union was famous for being a “red” state. That being the case, many farmers were persuaded to paint their barns white, in an intentional move to avoid being labeled as communist sympathizers. As Paul Harvey was famous for saying, “now you know the rest of the story!” And white still remains a popular barn color to this day, especially for specialty barn structures used as church buildings, wedding venues, reception facilities, and other types of gathering locations. Ready to learn more about white barn dealers, white barn prices, and white barn installation? Keep on scrolling!

Modern Barn Color Options

While barn red and white are both still popular colors for barn buildings, you certainly aren’t limited to just those two choices – especially if you’re considering going with a modern steel-engineered barn. In fact, when you partner with Carport Central to provide your new metal barn, you’ll have some 17 paneling colors to choose from! Sure, there’s barn red and white, but there’s also charcoal, pewter gray, black, galvalume, green, tan, pebble beige, sandstone, brown, clay, slate blue, burgundy, burnished slate, copper, and crimson red. With an attractive palette of available colors like this, there are sure to be some tones you’ll really like. Plus, you can choose different colors for your roof, side paneling, and trim if you prefer, and can even go with an attractive two-tone wainscot option for the side walls.

Why Choose a Metal Barn?

That’s a fair question, especially if you’ve only been familiar with pole barns and wood-framed barns up until this point. Got some horses or livestock? Own a farm? Do a good bit of work in your yard or garden? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then you probably appreciate the value of having your own tough, reliable barn. And to that end, nothing is more reliable than a metal barn from Carport Central! All of our individually-designed barns are crafted with tough steel, need practically no maintenance, and are completely customizable according to your needs and preferences.

 Benefits of Owning a Metal Barn

What’s better about a metal barn? Pretty much everything! To begin with, metal barns don’t present the same moisture concerns as wood-framed barns and buildings. Steel isn’t prone to rot like wood, and it also offers better protection from storms and other extremes of nature. Termites and other pest infestation isn’t really a real concern, either. These pests aren’t attracted to steel, and they don’t pose any significant structural threat to a metal barn, either. You’ll have less fire worries, too, since steel is a naturally incombustible material.

Steel is a much more flexible construction material than wood, too. It’s relatively simple to expand or adapt a steel structure as your needs grow or change. Plus, steel barn maintenance is a breeze. A wooden barn or building will require frequent repainting or restaining, but steel buildings generally don’t present any refinishing worries. But what about cleaning a steel structure? That’s easy, too. You can just hose it out or hose it off with no worries about moisture penetration, and you can even decide to use a pressure washer if you’d like to do some deep cleaning of your barn.

Metal Barn Prices

So, what does a metal barn actually cost? That’s a fair question too, and we’re happy to provide you with some good pricing guidelines. The short answer about what your metal barn will cost depends upon which specific building dimensions and customizations you choose. Every steel barn we provide is custom-engineered and fabricated to-order; nothing comes out of a box or off of a shelf. Here are some deciding price factors you’ll want to keep in mind:

• Barn dimensions

This probably goes without saying, but the bigger your metal barn, the greater your purchase price will be. But also, keep in mind that your cost per square foot will generally go down when you choose a larger barn. For example, you can expect to get more bang for your buck with a 50’-wide metal barn than with a 30’-wide steel structure.

• Building design

One benefit of choosing a structure framed with light-gauge steel tubing is that you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing a building design. Carport Central offers many popular styles and sizes of barns, but you can also choose to create your own custom building plan with our simple-to-use 3D Design Tool which is easily accessible from any internet-equipped computer, smartphone, or tablet!

• Customization options

With Carport Central, there are many customization options available to you. The options you decide to include will also necessarily help to decide your building’s total price:

🤔 Which roof style do you prefer?

🤔 Do you want your structure to be fully enclosed, partially enclosed, open-air, or some combination of these? We can build it any way you want.

🤔 Would you prefer standard 14-gauge steel framing, or would you like to upgrade to a more rugged 12-gauge option?

🤔 Are you fine with standard 29-gauge steel paneling, or would you prefer a thicker 26-gauge for your barn application?

🤔 Of the 17 roofing, paneling, and trim color options we currently offer, most are available at no extra charge. Just note that a handful of these are classified as premium colors, and thus carry a slight upcharge. You can also opt for an attractive two-tone wainscot look for your barn, if you like.

🤔 What points of access would you like to include with your barn? We provide many custom options for roll-up doors, walk-in doors, windows, and open frame-outs.

• Barn certification

Depending on your installation location, wind and snow load certification may be required to meet local building codes. But even if certification isn’t a requirement in your area, we encourage all of our customers to consider choosing a certified barn for the added peace of mind that a certified metal structure provides. Carport Central can engineer your barn building to meet any specifications, including desired minimum wind and snow load ratings.

• Steel market fluctuations

Thanks to residual impacts from COVID and the current state of the world steel market, material prices can fluctuate, and are only expected to rise over time. But here’s the good news – you can lock in your price with us now by going ahead and making your building order deposit. One key benefit to doing so, is that even if material prices go up after the fact, your quoted building price won’t change!

• Site foundation

What type of foundation do you want to use for your metal barn? We provide and install specialty anchors for many common foundation types, including concrete, asphalt, gravel, and plain level ground. (NOTE: Carport Central doesn’t provide any ground preparation or paving services.)

In other words, the foundation you choose for your barn building is completely up to you. As long as your installation site is leveled and cleared, we can install on most any type of surface.

• Delivery and installation

For other types of construction, having your barn delivered and installed often incurs an additional expense you’ll have to budget for with your new barn project. But that’s not the case with Carport Central! We INCLUDE delivery and installation in all of our service areas, all for NO extra charge! And thanks to our exclusive relationships with the best American manufacturers and local installer teams, we can get your building with a shorter lead time, too!

Metal Barn Install Preparation Steps

At Carport Central, we’re happy to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to the delivery and installation of your custom barn. Even so, there are just a few things you’ll need to take care of before our crew arrives on installation day:

  • Obtain any needed building permits (check with your local building authority to learn what may be required).
  • Make sure your site is level.
  • Mark any buried utility lines on your site.
  • Make sure our installation crew has easy access to your site, so they can park their trucks & trailers as close as possible.
  • Make sure to communicate with us about your building foundation plans, so we can be sure to include the correct anchors for your building.

How Can You Use a Metal Barn?

Honestly, the better question is, how can’t you use a metal barn from Carport Central? There’s honestly not much you can’t do with one of these versatile metal structures! Here are just a few ways we’ve seen customers make use of their metal barn buildings:

  • Farm & Agricultural Usage – Wooden barns are out, and rugged metal buildings are in for all sorts of farm and agricultural applications. Metal buildings make great horse barns, hay barns, livestock shelters, and much more.
  • Venue or Gathering Space – If you’re in need of a building for hosting weddings, parties, receptions, or other mass gatherings, one of our metal barn structures can easily be designed and finished to meet your unique requirements.
  • Personal or Commercial Garage – Need a place to house your farm, personal, or commercial vehicles? It may look like a barn on the outside, but it can easily be used as a parking garage on the inside!
  • Retail & Office Space – If your team is growing, and you need a building solution for expanding your available office space, a metal barn can be a perfect solution. Or are you ready to open a new retail location? Our metal barns work great for that, too!
  • Service Industries – From automotive repair, to food service, to all manner of professional services, a metal barn building from Carport Central can be the perfect headquarters for your business operations.
  • Commercial Storage – Need a secure place for keeping all of your commercial equipment? Or perhaps what you really need is a commercial production facility or warehouse? Our commercial-sized barns can do the job nicely.
  • Industrial Usage – Steel tubing structures also perform wonderfully in industrial environments. Whether you’re looking for protected manufacturing space, machining space, or space for finishing materials, our metal barns really deliver for your industrial needs.

The Best Metal Barns Come from Carport Central!

Carport Central is proud to source the very best American steel buildings and structures. Each of our metal structures is custom fabricated by a local manufacturer, and we’re proud to use American steel, too. When it comes to your white barn, red barn, or any other color of barn building – if you can dream it, we can make it happen!

  • We’re a top online metal structure provider for nearly all of the entire continental United States
  • We have extensive experience in providing custom metal barns and metal buildings of all styles, sizes, and applications – including yours!
  • Our easy-to-use 3D Building Creator tool allows you to create your OWN ideal building plan, right from the comfort of your couch
  • Delivery & installation of your custom building is INCLUDED with purchase, for no additional charge!
  • Interested in picking up your building materials and installing yourself at a discount? Each custom metal barn kit we provide comes with all needed building materials for installation.
  • We offer the best financing and rent-to-own options you’ll find anywhere
  • Nobody beats our level of customer experience and personalized customer service!

Carport Central is about much more than simply selling you a metal barn or building; we’re about Providing Shelter for Your Way of Life. Reach out to us online, or just give us a call at (980) 321-9898, and let one of our friendly building specialists show you the Carport Central difference!

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