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Owning a barn building of best quality galvanized steel material with enclosed walls means no more hassles and tussles for the storage. From providing lots of room for your horses or livestock to easy and smooth access to farm finishes, machinery, tools and equipment, this robust and flexible 36’ wide 50’ long barn building will not disappoint you anyways.

Measuring 36′ wide by 51′ long with a height of 13′, this barn building provides ample protected and secure storage space.

The center structure measures 24’ wide x 51’ long x 13’ tall (frame is one foot shorter than actual length). Both attached lean-tos measure 12’ width 51’ length and 9’ height (as there is drop-down). Featured barn building also has one garage door of 10×9’ centered on the front wall.

Due to its size, this barn building is certified for wind and snow. All the sides, ends and roof of this barn building has vertical panels.

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