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Starting At : $23,815.00
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With multiple storage sections and access points, this is much more than your typical old run-of-the-mill barn. This smart steel structure includes both fully-enclosed storage as well as open-air covered shelter, so it provides you with LOTS of application possibilities!

Got a tractor or other similar farm vehicle that you need to be able to park and protect when you’re not out in the field? This barn building has a dedicated enclosed bay for that. But what if you’re not a farmer at all? That’s OK; you don’t have to farm to take advantage of this uniquely designed barn building. 

48x26x14 Drop Down Metal Barn Specs

The tall bay in this barn is large enough to house a camper or RV, and it would be a great place to keep a boat and trailer safe and secure when you’re not out on the water!

This building also includes a second, smaller enclosed bay, which would be a perfect location for parking your personal vehicle. There’s also an enclosed section featuring a walk-in door and two windows that would make a perfect little office area or workshop, or could be used for storing tools, seasonal decorations, or whatever else you may decide to place inside. And that’s not all; this barn building also includes a spacious open-air sheltered area that could be used to keep any number of items under cover from sun, rain, and snow.

The entire barn building sits underneath a drop-down vertical roof, the best-performing roof you can get for a metal structure. With additional reinforcements and bracing, this building will stand strong in the face of virtually any weather threat. Plus, the vertically-oriented panels are ideal for allowing rain, snow, and debris to channel off the roof and away from your building’s foundation with ease.

And besides being incredibly practical and versatile, this building looks great, too! The eye-catching red paneling and white trim are reminiscent of a traditional barn you might see out in the countryside, but this baby performs much better than any old stick-built barn! The all-steel construction won’t rot or warp like wood, it provides better protection from weather and pests, requiring virtually no maintenance. In other words, it’s really engineered to last you for a lifetime!

Secure this building today with a down payment as low as 15%. Building pricing for this drop-down barn is $23,815 plus tax (can vary by location). To learn more about all the specs and details, you can reach out to one of our friendly building specialists at (980)-223-3547 and mention item number: AVDDB482614 for your own free consultation and a personalized quote!

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