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Customization is the name of the game! Carport Central is the perfect place to get a high-quality building, designed exactly as per your need. Our custom buildings are fabricated with galvanized steel and have become a very popular outdoor storage building option around the country. These custom buildings give peace of mind as they provide strong, reliable shelter for many years to come.

With a wide array of customization options, these metal buildings are capable of serving you in some pretty creative ways. You can get more value by adding extensions through lean-tos, enclosing the building, choosing an enclosed utility with open storage space, or converting to a workshop, barn, or large parking shed. The many applications of these custom metal buildings are only limited by your imagination.

20×60 Custom Metal Building Specs:

Carport Central designed the custom building pictured above for Mr. Mike Gault. It measures 20’×60’x12’  with a vertical roof style. Features of this building include: 

  • attached 10’x60’x9’ lean-to 
  • enclosed utility storage space of 20’×20’ 
  • one 10’×8’ garage door for
  • one walk-in door

Just as they are well-versed in all of our awesome custom options, our Carport Central building specialists are also familiar with the building codes and certification needs for all of the states we serve. This featured 20’x60’ custom building was installed in Texas and is certified for high winds up to 130 mph and heavy snow loads up to 30 PSF. The 20’ long enclosed storage unit allows you to store all your small outdoor equipment and belongings safely. 

Final pricing of this 20’x60’ metal building is $17,405, (plus tax). After your initial down payment as low as 15%, the remaining balance isn’t due until we complete your installation.  Delivery & installation are included, and we also offer great financing options! Please keep in mind that we don’t offer concrete or any groundwork preparation, and the surface must be level before we can install your building. (Pricing may vary depending on location.)

Give one of our friendly building specialists a call at 980-553-2214 and mention item number: LTUB206012 for more details about this building and we’ll be glad to help you.

We are proud to partner with local manufacturers around the country to meet all your needs, while also working to provide the most reasonable prices. We will be happy to assist you in designing your custom metal building, reach out to us today!

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