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Metal Carport For Sale

Customization is the name of the game! At Carport Central, we want you to find the perfect carport or metal building for the right price. Most of our customers have a need in mind when they purchase a carport or metal structure, and we want to make sure we can help our customers get the perfect prefabricated metal building to suit any need. Take a look at some of the customization options below.


Metal Buildings Roof Styles:

  • We offer 3 custom roof options to fit your needs.
  • Vertical roof: Perfect for heavy snowfall or driving rain, the vertical roof is grooved to allow dirt and precipitation to exit off the sides. The Vertical roof is recommended for any building longer than 36’
  • A-Frame Style (Boxed eave): This A frame roof design is good for areas with some bad weather, but isn’t suited for heavy snow and high winds
  • Regular: The most economical, the Regular roof has corrugated ridges that run from end to end. Perfect to keep sunlight and light rain off your vehicles

Size :

  • We offer custom buildings at any size to fit your needs
  • Width sizing starts at a standard width of 12’ and we can build it as wide as you need with the proper support
  • Any building wider than 32’ will require a lift at the installation site
  • Industry standard length for a carport is 21’, but Carport Central can customize the length starting from 21’ and extending the length by 5’ framing increments
  • Carport Central can customize the height of your prefabricated metal building structure from 6’ up to 14’. Some manufacturers offer 20’ high side walls, so check with our team of customer service representatives to learn about the height available in your area
  • Any custom metal building 14’ tall must be 18’ or wider

Steel Framing :

Features :

  • Additional options such as gable ends and side panels can add strength to your carport or RV cover
  • Garages and workshops can be customized with walk in doors, windows, and roll-up doors for larger projects
  • Anchors keep us grounded! Not only do anchors keep the custom metal buildings & structures in place, but we have special anchors depending on the type of base you have for your carport or custom metal building

Metal Buildings Color :

  • You can customize the color of your roof, side panels, and trim of your structure. We have many color options to choose from, so call a customer service representative to see what colors are available in your area

Certification of Buildings:

  • Many local rules require certification for occupied structures. We can provide the building plans for the inspection, just let our customer service representatives know you plan to have the building certified

Check out a wide range of Prefabricated Metal Buildings available with us and customize yours, as per need.