What To Consider When Buying A Workshop

The perfect metal workshop for your needs

Selecting the right metal workshop for your needs is important. Whether you are looking for something to simply protect your tools or create a workshop space for new projects, Carport Central can help. We offer different style metal workshops for every type of handyman and help you customize the perfect workshop for your budget. Many of our customers install garage doors and windows to create the perfect workspace for every project. Let our customer service representatives help you find the right steel workshop at a good price.

How much space will you need?

The size of your workshop is up to you! We can build any size to fit your projects and your equipment. Carport Central customer service representatives can help, share your plans so they are able to recommend the right size workshop for your needs. Whether you need a workshop for small personal projects, or a metal workshop for your home business, we have you covered.

Location, Location, Location

Make sure you have enough room on your property for the new metal workshop. Check to see if you need any special permits for a new metal workshop or metal structure. We partner with fantastic installation teams across the country to make sure your metal workshop is installed right. State regulations may require that the metal barn be certified when installed. See below for more information about the requirements for installation.

Will it stand up to the weather?

You want a metal workshop that will last! We work with manufactures nationwide to bring you the best custom metal workshops for your money. Look at the different options and styles available to pick the one that will stand up best to your local weather. Our customer service representatives will be glad to recommend our most popular metal workshops for sale in your area.

Can I customize?

Customization is our middle name! We want to help you find the perfect workshop for your needs. We offer metal workshops for sale in all sizes and can customize the walls, roof, doors, and even install garage doors for easy access. Work with our customer service representatives to find the style and model that best fits your budget. The possibilities are endless and we are standing by to help you find the perfect metal workshop for your needs.

Roof Style

Finish your custom metal workshop with something sturdy that will stand up against the elements. All roof styles can be certified for structural integrity, but finding the right roof type for your climate and need is important. We have many different metal workshops for sale and many options to customize your custom metal building. You want to find a strong roof type that fits with your home and will stand up best to the elements. Talk to our customer service representatives to learn more about which roof type is best for you.


If you live in a climate with heavy snowfall or heavy rain, Carport Central recommends the vertical roof style. The vertical roof panels allow snow and rainwater to exit off the sides. This is an A-frame designed roof with panels installed vertically, with the corrugated ridges running from the highest point on the roof down the side of the building. We also recommend that all buildings longer than 36’ use a vertical style roof.

Choosing The Right Size For Your Needs

Width Sizing Chart

How will you use the metal workshop? Do you have a specific piece of equipment that you need to fit for your work or hobby? Make sure to measure any equipment that you would need to get into the workshop prior to ordering. We want to make sure you can properly use your equipment once installed in our custom metal workshops. This is important to consider when you talk to our customer service representatives. We can help you find the right width for your needs.

For reference, if you plan to store a single car, truck or RV the standard width of 12’ will work. However if you plan to store more than one car, or larger equipment, see the approximate guide below to help you determine your needed width:

  • 12’   single car, truck, or RV
  • 18’   two compact cars
  • 20’   two mid-sized cars
  • 22’   two full sized cars, trucks, or SUV
  • 24’   two full, oversized cars, or trucks
  • 26’   three mid-sized cars or trucks


Again, how will this be used? All of our metal workshops for sale can be customized to the length that you need. The industry standard length for metal workshop is 21’, 26’, 31’, and up in 5’ increments. Take a look at some of the metal workshops for sale; we can customize any style or model to fit the length you need. Speak with our customer service representatives to learn more.

Note: The roof of every structure is always longer than the base due to a 6” overhang on each end of the roof.

Side Height

Our standard metal building height starts at 6’ and goes up according to customer need. If you have plans to install a garage door for easy access to your workshop, it is best to get the necessary height now so the structure is tall enough for the garage door to be installed. Chat with our customer service representatives to learn more about measuring for the right size metal workshop.

Steel Gauge Framing

What’s the difference between 14 gauge and 12 gauge framing?

Many first time metal building and metal workshop buyers ask about the difference in the 14 and 12 – gauge steel framing. Our most economical option is the 14 gauge steel framing. This is the industry standard, measuring 2 ½” x 2 ½” in diameter.

The lower the gauge, the thicker and stronger the material. Our 12-gauge framing is 2 ¼” x 2 ¼” in diameter and more durable and provides a higher snow load and wind load rating. Which is why we recommend the 12-gauge steel for areas with heavy snow and high winds, as well as all barns and metal storage sheds 10’ or taller.

The 14-gauge steel is the industry standard of frame thickness and the most nationally accepted gauge for carport and metal structures.

Both gauge options are structurally sound and will allow you to use the custom metal barn or steel storage building safely. All of our gauge options can be certified, but we can only offer our extended warranty when you select the 12-gauge steel option.

Certification Considerations

Certified v. non-certified buildings

A certified building has been designed by an engineer and has ratings for wind and snow load. Some local ordinances require that you certify any building that you construct. The objective of the building codes is to insure safety and to protect the public. Some states, don’t require buildings to be certified because they may not have to worry about heavy snowfalls and high winds. Certain states require that any new structure constructed be certified. Some require all structures to be inspected, while others only require that occupied structures be inspected prior to people living or working inside. We are able to prepare and install custom metal storage building and custom metal workshops to meet the criteria for certification. When preparing your base for your metal workshop or steel storage shed installation, please be sure that the ground is level and the concrete slab or asphalt slab poured is wide enough to support the structure and anchors. Please note there is no additional warranty on certified buildings. A certified building simply means the building is built to specifications and certified by a professional engineer to meet local building requirements.

Check with your local jurisdiction to make sure you are prepared when getting the building certified. If you do need to certify your building, you will likely need a copy of the blueprints for the engineers to review. Please speak with our customer service representatives to learn how to get a copy of the blue prints.


Advantages of steel over wood?

A steel workshop holds many advantages over traditional wooden workshops. Not only do you get the strength of steel, but you also get the speed of a steel build. Wood builds are at riskfor damage from rot and termites. You want to ensure your building will stand up to harsh weather and remain fire resistant. Carport Central has steel workshops for sale that will stand up to the elements and can be insulated to protect your equipment and projects. To learn more about the advantages of steel workshops over traditional wood workshops, read out blog post here.

Carport Central offers many steel workshops for sale that can be put together quickly by our installation teams. Contact our customer service representatives to learn more about the benefits of a steel workshop and order yours today!

Additional Option

Customize your metal workshop with some of the options below. The possibilities are endless and the workshop will last for a lifetime of memories.

Structural integrity is important, especially when faced with high winds and heavy snow. Check to see which additional option for your new metal workshop fits best for your location.

WINDOWS – Let natural light in to your metal barn. Carport Central offers 30” x 30” as a standard window size, which can be installed on any portion of your enclosed custom metal workshop or metal storage shed. Other window sizes are available, but vary by location, so call our customer service representatives to see what options are available close to home.

WALK-IN DOORS – We offer multiple options for walk-in doors. Many customers prefer to have doorways into one portion of the custom metal workshop and a larger garage door to make it easier to get to equipment and move projects in and out of the custom metal structure. We have doors available with windows or without. Please specify if you do not want the window when you place your order. We offer all walk-in doors in a white finish.

GARAGE DOORS – We offer a variety of garage door options. Some things to consider when installing garage doors on custom metal workshops are: 1) will you have electricity, 2) will your structure be tall enough to install a garage door, and 3) can I add a garage door later if I don’t want to add one now? The answer to these questions will help us find the perfect garage door solution for you.

Not only can we provide the garage door for the front or end of the workshop, we can also install the garage door on the side of the workshop for easy access to your stored equipment or to better move completed projects. Contact our customer service representatives and ask about the garage door options available in your area. Take a look at our blog post if you want to learn even more about garage doors.

SIDES AND ENDS CLOSED – 12′ – 30′ buildings come with standard horizontal siding, but can be enclosed vertical which is an additional upgrade. Workshops wider than 30′ already come standard vertical sides and ends closed and start out with a standard side height of 8′ tall, if a customer so chooses to enclose their workshop which I would imagine they will.

LEAN-TO’s – Open or enclosed lean to’s can also be added to your workshop for more versatility.

Workshops can have lean to’s added, however keep in mind that additional bows are required in order for the frame spacing to match with the center building. As an example, our 26’ – 30’ wide center barns have 12’ wide lean to frame spacing in order to match the center building.

EXTRA BOWS & TRUSSES – Extra bows and trusses can be added to your unit to make it stronger. Click here for more.

Bows and Trusses are the structural supports that fit inside the roof of your structure to add strength and stability to your custom metal barn, additionally, they are available to reinforce the sides to better support and stabilize your building. If you live in an area of heavy snow or intense weather, you should consider adding bows or trusses to give additional strength to your metal building. All barns up to 24’ wide have a bow, and all units wider than 24’ have a truss. Take a look at our options to reinforce your structure.

ANCHORS – Very important option, and can vary depending on your installation type. Click here to learn more.

Anchors are one of the most important options to consider when buying a metal barn. This is what keeps the structure grounded when faced with heavy winds. To discover what anchor works best for your needs, read our blog post here and talk with a customer service representative to find the right option for your budget.


We offer 17 colors to customize your metal building.

Do you need to move big items in and out of your new workshop? You can choose from a selection of colors for your garage door, colors vary by installation location. Contact our customer service representatives to see what colors are available in your area. Additional items like walk-in doors and installed windows are available in white.

Please keep in mind that colors may vary by installation location. You can customize the color of the roof, and sides, of your structure. Click on the colors for a closer look!

Installation & Site Prep

Installation Site MUST be level

Make sure that you have leveled the installation area. If you are installing a certified building, the site must be level to within 3” front to back and side to side. If the site is not level when the installation team comes out to install the structure they may have to reschedule the installation for a later date, which will mean an additional fee for the return trip.

Overview of delivery and installation process

Our customer service representatives will contact you to schedule a delivery date and time. Please be sure to clear all debris and level the area on which you would like your new metal barn installed. On delivery day, our installation team will arrive with all tools necessary to install the custom barn on the level prepared site. They will drill the anchors, and construct the building. If you need to have your building certified, please let us know before the date of installation so we can get everything ready and have the blueprints to you before the metal barn or horse barn is installed on your leveled lot.

Site Prep Checklist

  1. 1. Make sure the area is clear of debris
  2. 2. Make sure the site is level, this is especially important if the building will be certified, as the building cannot be more than 3” off level from front to back or side to side in any application. If the site isn’t level the installation team will attempt to level at an additional charge.
  3. 3. Make sure the installation team will be able to access the installation site, if there is more than a 50-foot difference between the installation site and the truck; you may be charged an additional service fee due to the additional time needed to complete your installation.

Workshop FAQ’S

Q: Can I order a workshop and customize it later?


You can always customize any structure you buy through Carport Central. Whether you want to get an enclosed workshop now and add a garage door later, we are available to help get you the perfect product for your budget. If we do send another team out to add additional pieces to your metal workshop you will be charged a fee for the site visit in addition to the price of the new item. We encourage you to think about any additional changes you may want to make in the future and let our customer service representatives know your plans. If you do want to add a garage door or larger door for easier access, you will want to be sure your structure is tall enough to fit a new door. We may have some suggestions to make the additions more cost effective. Contact our customer service representatives to learn more about how to customize our buildings after they are installed.

Q: Do you offer insulation for workshops?


If you add insulation to your metal workshop you will be better protected from the elements. Not only will you better protect your projects and equipment from the cold temperatures, but with insulation you will also prevent sweating or condensation from collecting inside the enclosed metal structure. We can install bubble installation in the workshop units that we build to help insulate from the cold and heat. The insulation we provide has an R-value of 4.3, which is the standard measure of thermal resistance used in building and construction. This means that the insulation prevents condensation and the majority of heat from escaping the custom metal building. For more information check out our blog post on insulation and speak with one of our customer service representatives to add insulation to your metal workshop today.

Q: I want to include water and electric in my metal building, can you help me with that?


Many of our customers want to include running water or electricity in the metal buildings we install. We do not install the electric or plumbing when the installation team puts up the metal workshop. If you plan to pour a concrete or asphalt slab for your workshop, make sure that you plan ahead and get all pipes laid and accounted for. This includes any necessary plumbing to include a bathroom in your new metal building. Call your utility company to learn more while you are in the early stages of preparing for your new metal workshop. You should also consider the amount of light that is needed in the new metal workshop, and talk with an electrician if you plan to have interior or exterior lighting on your metal workshop.

Q: What can I customize?


We offer many options to customize your metal workshop. Not only can you pick the style, roof, and size, but you can customize with color as well. Make sure to talk to your customer service representative about the different color options that are available in your area. You can always add doors and windows to the custom metal workshop for a nice finished touch.

Q: What are my color options?


Color options vary by manufacturer. Carport Central partners with local manufacturers to get you the perfect metal workshop at the price you want. As we work with multiple manufacturers, the specific colors will change by region depending on what is available. Please call your customer service representative to learn what colors are available in your area.

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