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Metal Garage Barns

What is a garage barn, you ask? It’s essentially the same thing as a barn garage, of course!

All joking aside, metal garage barn and metal barn garage are both phrases used to describe some popular multipurpose applications of custom metal buildings. While the phrases are sometimes understood to be essentially interchangeable, there can also be some specific differences in terms of building design and function.

If you look at the phrasing specifically, a metal garage barn is typically understood to be a metal garage-style building that is intended for general usage as a barn. On the other hand, a metal barn garage is usually understood to mean a metal building that’s made to look like a barn on the outside, while its access points and interior are designed to function as a vehicle garage, general storage facility, and/or workshop.

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Are Metal Garage Barns and Pole Barn Garages the Same Thing?

No, they’re not. While metal garage barns and pole barn garages tend to look somewhat similar on the outside, the real difference is in how they are framed. A pole barn is a traditional type of post-frame construction which relies upon large wooden poles or posts buried in the ground to provide needed vertical structural support. And nowadays, the phrase “pole barn” is sometimes used in a general sense to describe any type of stick-built barn, garage, or shed. Pole barn garages are most commonly sided with either wood or metal.

A metal garage barn is fundamentally different in that, it relies upon no wooden poles, posts, or stick framing. Rather, a metal garage barn is completely framed with steel, and is also roofed and sided with steel paneling. Among other benefits, a metal garage barn offers greater flexibility of both design and application. And since no internal columns or supports are typically required, you can use the open, clear-span interior any way you like!

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