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30x50 Metal Building

A 30×50 metal building from Carport Central provides you a generous amount of protected space – 1500 square feet, to be exact – that can be used for storing vehicles and equipment, as a center for small business operations, or even as finished living space. This building offers you lots of multipurpose possibilities for residential, commercial, or farm applications!

Multiple Color Options Available

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Why choose a 30×50 Metal Building?

An enclosed 30’x50’ metal structure is a rugged solution for all sorts of outdoor storage or other needs. Here are some specs and features of a custom 30’x50’ metal building from Carport Central:

  • 30’W x 50’L, or can be configured as a 50’W x 30’L side-entry facility
  • A popular height for these buildings is 12’, but you can also go taller to accommodate larger vehicles or other items
  • You can choose the roof design you prefer, but we recommend our strongest vertical roof for a building of this size
  • Can be enclosed with either horizontal or vertical paneling
  • Our steel framing and paneling is engineered to last, requires little maintenance, and isn’t susceptible to pests, insects, rot, mold, or mildew
  • Delivery and installation included with purchase
  • Includes warranties for framing, paneling, and workmanship

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Multi-Purpose 30x50 Metal Building

Popular Applications for a 30×50 Metal Building

What can you do with a 30’x50’ steel garage, barn, or building? That’s completely up to you, but here are some popular ways we’ve seen customers use their building for residential, agricultural, and commercial needs:

  • Create a 5-car side-entry garage to park ALL your passenger vehicles
  • Store a combination of passenger vehicles and larger vehicles like an RV or boat
  • Use this ample storage space to declutter your entire home
  • Great building for running your small business, like a print shop, coffee shop, diner, bakery, bookstore, or antique shop
  • Makes a perfect auto repair shop or independent service center
  • Great for farm use as a metal barn, grain shed, animal shelter, tractor shed, and more
  • You can even finish it out as residential living space – makes a great backyard apartment or vacation cabin

It’s Customizable!

This 30’x50’ metal building isn’t just functional and durable; it’s also customizable and adaptable according to your needs! One of the reasons Carport Central exists is to help you get the exact steel structure you need, and to get it exactly the way you want, too:

  • Choose whatever colors you prefer for the roof, sides and trim; you can even opt for an attractive two-tone option
  • Select the size and number of entry points you desire, and place them wherever you want around your building; choose from several garage door, frame-out, walk-in door, and window options
  • Choose our sturdy 14-gauge steel framing, or upgrade to our even sturdier 12-gauge; you can also select standard 29-gauge paneling, or our heavier 26-gauge paneling
  • Have your building certified to meet whatever local wind/snow load needs you require
  • You can customize other ways, too!

How Much Does a 30×50 Metal Building Cost?

Our steel building prices are always competitive, and our buildings give you more bang-for-your-buck than buildings made with other materials. Plus, when you choose Carport Central, you can rest easy knowing that the job will be done right, and that we’re here for you throughout the entire process. Your specific building price will vary based on factors including the final building dimensions, customization options you choose, any additional materials desired, the gauge of frame (standard 14-GA or sturdier 12-GA), the gauge of sheet metal (standard 29-GA or sturdier 26-GA), and your particular installation location. As an example, you can order our 30’x50’x13’ vertical roof side-entry garage with five 9’x12’ framed openings for a starting price of just $16,940 (varies by state and location). And you can always reach out to one of our friendly building specialists directly to get an accurate, custom price quote for exactly what you want!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to erect a 30×50 metal building?
  • One advantage to choosing one of our precision-engineered steel buildings is that they go up much faster than any stick-build. All of the components are custom fabricated to your specifications, and then are delivered to your site, ready to install. Our professional installer crews can often get a building like this assembled and finished in just a single day – you’ll just need to make sure that the site is level before we arrive!

  • What is the widest metal building I can get?
  • Thanks to the design advantages of working with light-gauge steel, we can provide you with a reliable steel structure based on nearly any dimensions you might need. 70’ is typically the width limit for a single steel structure, but we can also engineer combination step-down roof structures that exceed 200’ in width.

  • What types of anchors do you use for installing a 30×50 metal building?
  • We make sure that your building is properly engineered and anchored to stand the tests of time and usage. The type of anchors we’ll use to secure your building will depend in large part on what type of installation base you choose for your building – you can choose to install on concrete, asphalt, gravel, or level ground. We’ll match the needed anchors to your building foundation type.

  • What are my color options with Carport Central?
  • You can currently choose from a palette of 17 options (varies by location) for the color of your roof, walls, and trim. There’s no extra charge for single standard colors, but there is an upcharge for premium crimson, copper, or wainscoting options. With so many color options available, you’re sure to find a color scheme that will help your building not only look great, but also blend in well with other surrounding structures.

  • Will I need a permit for my 30×50 metal building?
  • Many areas do require building permits for the construction of a metal garage or building. It’s best to start by checking with your local city and/or county to learn about the regulations and building codes that apply for your projected installation site. Our specialists at Carport Central are very familiar with building requirements in most areas across the country, so we can help walk you through the permitting process.

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