24x36 Side Parking Garage

ITEM : VRSEG243610

Starting At : $13,150.00
(Price may vary based on local wind/snow loads or other factors. Connect with a building specialist at (980) 321-9898 for the most current pricing in your area.)
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Are you looking for a side parking garage for your car or motorbike? We offer metal garages built with the finest quality materials, designed to last. Steel garages are the best option to protect your vehicles from harsh weather conditions at an affordable cost.

Carport Central will deliver and install the best side parking garage to protect all your vehicles and equipment. Our experienced, friendly building specialists will offer you the best advice about how to get the metal building of your dreams.

There are several notable advantages in choosing one of our prefabricated garages over a stick-built structure. For one thing, steel buildings are impervious to mold, mildew, rot, insect damage, and many of the issues that often arise with wooden buildings.  Our steel buildings require less maintenance, and last longer!  You can also get your building installed much quicker with us; our buildings can be delivered and installed in a fraction of the time that a stick-built structure requires.

24×36 Side Parking Garage Specs:

Our multipurpose garages are ideal to use as a vehicle storage area, motorbike repair workshop, enclosed storage structure, office, and so much more!

This week we are featuring this side parking garage, measuring 24’W x 36’L x 10’H. Features of this garage include: 

  • vertical roof and horizontal sides
  • three 8’x8’ garage doors for parking
  • one 36”x80” walk-In door
  • two 30”x30” windows.

The building price for this featured 24×36 side parking garage is $13,150 (plus tax; can vary by location), and this includes delivery and installation services.  If you don’t want to pay it all at once, you can secure your order with a down payment as low as 15%!  The balance isn’t due until after we deliver and install your garage. Note that we don’t offer concrete or any groundwork preparation, and the surface must be level before we can perform the install.

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