24x51x14 Side Entry Garage
24x51x14 Side Entry Garage1
24x51x14 Side Entry Garage2
24x51x14 Side Entry Garage3


Starting At: $25,650.00
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Price may vary based on local wind/snow loads or other factors. Connect with a building specialist today for the most current pricing in your area.
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Need to maximize available vehicle protection space with a new garage? Is your building installation site limited in terms of depth? Either way, a side-entry garage design can be a perfect solution. Take a look at this featured install from Carport Central, for example. 


24×51 Side Entry Garage Specifications

This all-vertical side-entry garage features dimensions of 24’W x 50’L x 14’H, and also includes three 10’x10’ roll-up doors, one 12’x12’ roll-up door, one 36”x80” walk-in door, and two standard windows. In addition, this rugged steel garage is certified for winds up to 130 mph, and a snow load of up to 30 psf. Another nice feature of this structure is that it’s sized for protecting larger vehicles too, including motorhomes, RVs, tractors, agricultural equipment, or whatever you may need to cover. Interested to learn more? Give one of our friendly building specialists a call today at (980) 217-0441 and mention item number: AVRGSE245114 to get your own personalized building quote.


Place your order for this side-entry garage as described with a down payment as low as 15%. Building price for this enclosed 24’x50’x14’ metal garage is $25,650 (can vary by location), plus tax. Delivery & installation is included at no extra charge, and the remaining balance isn’t due until our install crew arrives at your site. Please note that we don’t offer any concrete or groundwork preparation, and you must ensure that your site surface is level before we can perform your install.


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