30x71x11 Side Entry Garage
30x71x11 Side Entry Garage
30x71x11 Side Entry Garage
30x71x11 Side Entry Garage

ITEM : 307111SEG

Starting At: $31,540.00
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Price may vary based on local wind/snow loads or other factors. Connect with a building specialist today for the most current pricing in your area.
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This side entry garage includes 2,100 square feet of covered space that can be used for all sorts of applications. It looks great on a piece of open land too, with black roof paneling, barn red side paneling, and white trim. Not only is it incredibly functional, but it also adds some nice eye appeal to your property.

30×71 Metal Side Entry Garage Specs:

Custom steel buildings from Carport Central are tougher and much more durable than a wood-framed garage or other comparable building, too. The vertical roof is engineered on a sturdy A-frame design, and comes with extra reinforcements and anchors for stability. It’s built to local code too, including whatever wind and snow load ratings are required for your area. What that means for you is that your custom metal building is made to stand strong in the face of pretty much whatever Mother Nature decides to bring your way.

You can purchase this garage for a down payment for as low as 15%. Total pricing for this building is $30,678. For more details, give us a call at (888) 573-1771 and mention item: 307111SEG we’ll be glad to answer any specific questions you may have.

This is a fantastic garage utility building, but maybe you have some other customizations in mind for your new building. Well, with Carport Central you have the freedom to design your own perfect custom steel structure. Use our exclusive Building Estimator tool to map everything out exactly how you want it, and then view an accurate 3D rendering of your building in full 360° perspective. Choose your building’s dimensions, specs, and customizations, and then we’ll use the design you create to get your building order started. Carport Central is here to make the entire metal building design, purchase, financing, and installation process as simple and painless as possible!


Give us a call at (888) 573-1771 today, and experience the Carport Central difference for yourself!

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