24x35x12 Vertical Roof Metal Garage

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24x35 Vertical Roof Metal Garage


Who says a metal building has to be boring? Check out this gorgeous slate blue garage! It serves as a visual pick-me-up any time of year, no matter what the weather outside may be like. The crisp white trim also helps to provide a nice visual contrast to that beautiful blue, as well. But beauty isn’t all there is to this steel building. It’s engineered to be durable and rugged too; in fact, tough enough to last you for a lifetime!

Some people just assume that all metal garages look the same, but this recent install proves that assumption to be false – in fact, this one really makes you stand up and take notice! A garage like this really adds some nice aesthetics to your yard, and it serves to give your property value a nice boost, too.


24x35 Vertical Roof Metal Garage

Of course, you don’t just have a custom garage installed for its looks. What you really need is to have a dependable steel building that is able to deliver the reliable protection you need for your vehicles and other outdoor storage items. And the great news is that this garage really delivers, in terms of both aesthetics and functionality!


24x35 Vertical Roof Metal Garage

The best-built metal structures all start with a sturdy vertical roof. The most important feature of any building really comes down to the roof you choose to place overhead. Your roof serves the essential function of providing shelter from the elements, and it also plays an important role in contributing to the overall structural integrity of your building. And when it comes to steel buildings, there’s no better roof than a vertical roof! It’s constructed on a sturdy A-frame design, and it comes with additional bracing and reinforcements to ensure it will stand strong for many years to come. And in the case of this particular garage, the roof is certified to withstand wind loads of 140mph and snow loads of 30psf!

The vertical paneling is a nice feature, too. The orientation of these panels enables both precipitation and debris to slide off the roof with much greater ease. For you, that means that any vehicles or other items you choose to house in your garage will receive reliable protection from sun, precipitation, falling debris, and other threats.

This 24’x35’ steel garage offers more interior space than may be obvious from the outside, too. It includes 840 square feet of usable, clear span coverage, without any need of internal support posts or columns. What could you do with much-protected space? Your imagination is the only limit to the many possibilities!

You can check out this building’s product page 24×35 Vertical Roof Metal Garage to see more pictures and learn all the details and specs. Or you can just give us a call at (980) 321-9898 and connect with a friendly & knowledgeable building specialist who will be happy to answer any questions! Just make sure to mention item number: VRMG243512 when you call.

This is certainly a great garage design, but perhaps you’d like to put some of your own personal touches on it. With Carport Central, you’re in control! Take advantage of our exclusive 3D Building Designer tool to design your own perfect custom metal garage or other structure. You can access our building design tool on any computer or smart device, and you can save any design you create, & even use it to start your custom building order!

Carport Central is your one-stop-shop for steel structures of every type, size, and design! We offer an unparalleled assortment of metal building and custom structure solutions, and every building we provide is engineered to be durable & versatile, needing essentially no maintenance. We’re so confident in the quality of our products that we back each structure with a 20-year rust-through warranty on steel framing, a 10-year metal paneling warranty, and a 1-year workmanship warranty.

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