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24×36 Two Color Metal Building

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The size of the garage you need depends on how many cars you need to fit, as well as any extra storage or floor space needs you may have. A two-car garage from Carport Central can significantly enhance your overall property value, and it can be designed to offer plenty of space to accommodate any two vehicles – cars, trucks, boats, recreational toys, or whatever!

Our exclusive collection of two-color metal buildings provides room for larger vehicles, too. Our affordable metal garages come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, along with several customization options to choose from.

24×36 Two-Color Building:

The featured metal building is 24′ wide x 36′ long x 9′ tall, including three 8’ × 7′ garage doors and one 36” x 80” walk-in door. The building is also reinforced and anchored to be certified for winds up to 140mph and for a snow load of 30psf.

This metal building comes at a price of $9,885 plus local tax, and with a deposit of only $1,581.60, it can be yours today! After your deposit, the remaining balance isn’t due until installation is complete.

Visit×36-two-color-metal-building for more details. This rugged steel garage includes the following:

  1. Vertical-style roof
  2. Fully enclosed
  3. Two-tone color (you choose the colors!)
  4. Garage doors with Dutch corners
  5. Certified for 140mph wind and 30psf snow load


Give one of our friendly building specialists a call at (980) 321-9898 and mention SKU: VTTGB24369 to get a quick quote today!

Note that we don’t offer any groundwork or concrete or preparation, and the surface must be level before we can install your structure.

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