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28×70 Metal Building – For Larger Vehicles

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28x70 Metal Building


At Carport Central, we provide a variety of high-quality custom metal buildings in different sizes, colors, and other customization options.

We have a team of metal building specialist who are happy to assist you in designing your custom metal garage that will meet all requirements AND your budget!


The featured garage is 28′ wide x 70′  long x 12′ tall including two 12’ × 12′ garage doors in the front and one 36” x 80”  walk-in door.

This metal building comes at a price of $22,975 plus local tax, and with a deposit of only $3,767 it can be yours today! After you make the deposit, the remaining balance is not due until the structure is installed. You can visit×70-metal-building for more details.

28×70 Metal Building:

The featured 28×70 garage building (28′ wide x 71′ long x 12′ tall) includes two 12’×12′ garage doors in the front and one 36’ x 80’ walk-in door.

You can place your order for this 28’ x 71’ x 12’ metal building with a deposit of only $3,676! Total pricing for this workshop building is $22,975.00, plus local tax. Visit×70-metal-building for more details. After your initial deposit, the remaining balance isn’t due until we complete your installation.


1. Vertical roof style
2. 70’ long steel structure
3. Clear-span building
4. 1,900 sq. foot
5. RTO and financing available
6. Several color options at NO extra cost

28×70 Metal Building - Installation
SKU: VMB287112

Our friendly building specialists are always ready to help you in every way they can! Give one of them a call now at (980) 321-9898 and mention SKU: VMB287112 to get a quick quote today!

Remember we don’t offer any groundwork or concrete or preparation, and the surface must be level before we can install your structure.

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