Building Of The Week – 30×100 Covered Steel Shelter

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30x101x10 Steel Shelter

You probably guessed from our name that Carport Central sells carports. But we don’t just provide carports – we provide individually-crafted metal carports which are designed and built to your exact specifications. One question we often get is, how big can Carport Central go in terms of carport dimensions? The plain & simple answer is this: as big as you need!


In terms of metal structures, a garage is a fully-enclosed building, while a carport is defined as a roofed structure with open sides. But here’s another question – at what point does a carport become SO big that the term “carport” really doesn’t fit anymore? While there’s no hard-and-fast answer to that question, one thing is for certain. “Carport” doesn’t do justice in describing this week’s featured 30’ x 100’ x 10’ metal structure. It’s truly a full-sized multipurpose shelter!


Depending upon how familiar you are with metal buildings, a 30’W structure may not sound all that big – but it’s actually wide enough to fit three passenger vehicles side-by-side-by-side. And in order to appreciate how long a 100’L building really is, just close your eyes and get a football field in mind – this shelter would stretch from the goal line all the way out to the 33-yard line!


This particular customer chose to use their custom 30’x100’ shelter as the main facility for their local community farmer’s market, and it’s well-designed for that purpose. By choosing to add 8 10’x8’ frame outs to each side, this building is nicely pre-divided for setting up 16 spacious covered booth areas for farmer’s market patrons to explore. The addition of these frame-outs provides more structural support to the building, too.


But whether you decide to put frame-outs on your building or not, a custom steel structure from Carport Central is built to be rugged, durable, and functional. This week’s featured building is certified for wind loads of 140 mph and snow loads of 30 psf, so you can trust it to provide reliable shelter in most any weather conditions. One of the benefits of going with a steel-framed structure is the fact that no internal columns or supports are needed. These are known as clear span structures, and the takeaway for you is that your building’s interior space is 100% usable for whatever you want to do with it. The number of ways you could use a large steel shelter like this is only limited by your imagination!

30x101x10 Steel Shelter

You can check out this building’s product page at 30x101x10 Steel Shelter to see more pictures and learn more about the details and specs. Prefer to speak with a live, knowledgeable human? We’ve got plenty of those, too! In fact, Carport Central has the best team of friendly building experts in the business, and we love helping folks get the exact building they need. Just give us a call at (980) 223-4369 and mention item number: 301010SS to get your own custom quote!


But maybe you have some building customization preferences that are different from this week’s featured building. No problem – you can use our exclusive 3D Building Designer tool to custom design your own perfect shelter, or any other metal structure application you have in mind! Our 3D Designer is simple to navigate, and is just as easy to use with a smartphone as it is with a computer. You can save whatever design you create, and even use it to get your custom building order started with Carport Central!


Carport Central is your one-stop-shop for steel structures of all types, sizes, and designs! We have an unparalleled assortment of metal shelter, garage, barn, and custom structure options; we can even help you to build your own barndominium or metal building home! We stand behind every building we provide, too. In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our products that we back each one with a 20-year rust-through warranty on framing (including both 12-gauge and 14-gauge options), a 10-year metal paneling warranty, and a 1-year workmanship warranty.


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